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The CBT and IELTS are the first two tests of competence set out by the NMC. This means that international nurses who were trained outside the EU/EEA need to clear these exams in order to proceed with NMC registration and get a visa to work in the UK.

trainInternational nurses originally come from countries that generally don’t speak English, and they are trained differently to the UK standard of nursing. This is why the NMC has put these tests in place, so that these nurses are ready to work in the UK when they arrive.

Taking the IELTS and CBT is not easy, and it’s not cheap either. The UKVI IELTS ranges from £165-£175, depending on the region. The CBT is now £90, after being reduced from £130 on 1 April 2019. This is the kind of money that many international nurses can only afford to pay once, yet it does not stop there. The tests themselves are another obstacle.  Many nurses fail on their first, second, or even third tries, and in the end are forced to spend a massive amount of money.

This is why IELTS and CBT training is important. This is why IANS is determined to provide its nurses quality training. So why is IELTS and CBT training worth your time and money?

  1. You will get an objective assessment of your skills

At the beginning of the program, the instructor will give you a preliminary test to assess your skills. You will continue to receive proper, professional feedback throughout the course of the training. This will help determine your skill level, and help us develop the proper training program for you. Plus, when you see the fruits of your effort laid out for you in an objective assessment, the motivation to take the test will be higher.

  1. Bespoke training tailored to your needs

After our expert trainers do the initial assessment, they will then develop a bespoke training program suited to your learning needs and schedule. We believe every candidate is unique, and our trainers are willing to make a professional connection between them and the nurses to ensure that they are catering to the different needs each student requires. Once the trainer feels that the candidate is ready, only then will he/she clear the nurse to take the exam. That way, both IANS and the candidate are confident.

  1. You will improve your skills

Perhaps you already know the subjects that will be in the exam, and perhaps your English doesn’t need too much refining. However, undergoing IELTS and CBT training ensures that you are ready to put these skills into appropriate action when taking the exams. The knowledge you gain will be refreshed in your mind over and over again as you prepare, which will help you in the long run once you begin work in the UK.

  1. You will be motivated.

Our trainers will make sure you are motivated and inspired in every single session. You need not worry. The IANS way is a very positive approach, and we will ensure that you are not just ready to take the exam, but that you are confident.

 Train with us


If you are an international nurse, and you would like to avail of IELTS and CBT training, contact or sign up here.  

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