Happy August everyone!

We are thrilled to have our new nurses on board. On 12 and 13 June, the IANS team headed to Ghana to host our Nursing Recruitment Seminar in partnership with Dreams Consult.  The seminars were held in Kumasi and Accra for nurses who wish to work in the UK.

David Agyapong, Rachael Onwona Dentaa, Bless Benedict Sewor, Emmanuel Sarkodie-Mensah and Mutor Owusu attended our Recruitment Event on these dates and had their interviews between 12-14 June as well! Just a few days after, on 19 June, they had their offer letter signed. On 28 June, their Certificate of Sponsorship was assigned then finally on 3 July, their visa application was submitted!

3 weeks after, on 27 July, they were on their flight from Ghana to London. Our wonderful team greeted them at the airport around 7AM on 28 July and ensured the nurses arrive safely at their accommodation. This is the success that IANS guarantees.  


We interviewed these candidates and we were beyond grateful to hear such positive stories about the seminar, their journey with IANS and the process of getting to the UK. See what some of them had to say:


"I want to be a nurse because I get to meet when people when they are not feeling unwell and help them with their sickness to recover fully. I really love it when they show appreciation and thank me. I have always planned to be a nurse in the UK for a long time now because I have heard about the exposure, to get used to the new equipment, and to learn new skills, that was my main focus. People told me it was so costly to come to the UK, I thought I wouldn't be able to support myself financially. I did not approach any agencies due to the high costs. My friend introduced me to IANS and told me they're really good and that they can bring me to the UK in a short time. IANS have been so supportive throughout the whole process. I just introduced myself as a registered nurse at the Recruitment Seminar in Ghana who passed IELTS and CBT and within a short time, they started communicating with me, they made the whole process so simple and smooth. "



"The ambition of working in the UK has always been in my mind. I am highly excited for this great opportunity to attain higher knowledge. I decided to look for some agencies that could help me relocate to Ghana to the UK. I had many agencies contact me, requesting for a lot of documentation and numerous processes to go through but luckily for me, someone introduced me to IANS. With that kind of opportunity, I was able to understand all the processes involved. There was no hassle. "


"I had problems with agencies that I met before I knew about IANS. They were fast with everything so I had to settle for them as they are the best! IANS was the best in terms of personal relationships, customer relationships, the eagerness to help us and bring us to the UK. They are just fantastic. The process was very fast, smooth and reliable. I recommend that everyone should hop on board. I am really excited to get to know the people in the UK and advance my nursing career. I would tell ALL nurses that it is possible to come to the UK because I am here now and it is all because of IANS!"


Let's congratulate these candidates for making it to the UK and securing their employment with one of our most valued clients: Country Court Care, who attended our UK Care Providers Seminar on 18 July! We are so excited for them and we hope for the best!

The full interviews will be coming out shortly, stay tuned 😊👍


Following the success of our seminar, IANS is now sharing it to Care Providers throughout the UK! Watch our for us! We'll be in voco St. David's Cardiff on 27 August, Chamber Space Manchester on 28 August, Merchants House Glasgow on 29 August, and Malone Lodge Hotel Belfast on 30 August! Click here for more information. 

If you are a nurse, get in touch now if you'd like to fill your own nursing vacancies! Remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube for the latest IANS news. 




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