Highlights: Ghana, Philippines, and Nigeria Seminars

This summer, IANS hosted 3 overseas seminars in different parts of the world! First, we went to Accra and Kumasi in Ghana, then off to General Santos City in the Philippines, and finally, Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria! 

On 12-14 June, Ghana...

We started off in Kumasi, where we had over 150 attendees attend our nursing seminar. Reception was overwhelmingly positive, and almost all of the nurses expressed interest in working with IANS. On the next day, we headed to Accra, where there were even more attendees! Thanks to our very hardworking partner, DreamsConsult, we were able to gather fully committed and well-qualified nurses to attend our seminar and start their UK journey. For 5 lucky nurses, 14 June would be the day their lives changed. 

Mutor, Benedict, Rachael, David, and Emmanuel were Ghanaian nurses with IELTS and CBT who attended the Ghana seminars. After assessing their qualifications, IANS invited them to interview with Country Court Care just one day after their seminar. In Accra, IANS arranged for them to be interviewed and they were ALL successful! They arrived in the UK on 28 July 2019, 6 weeks after their interview! 


On 28 June, the Philippines

Off to the Philippines IANS goes! In partnership with RO Diagan Cooperative Hospital, we launched our International Apprenticeship Nursing (IAN) Program for Filipino nurses in General Santos City. This program enables nurses to earn money working in a RO Diagan Cooperative Hospital while training for IELTS, CBT, and OSCE. This way, they gain work experience and they earn their NMC qualifications. We had such a great time talking to our nurses and answering their questions! 


On 27-28 July, Nigeria

For the last stop this summer, we landed in Nigeria! Our first seminar in Lagos was a huge success, with over 100 participants including 5 fully qualified nurses ready to fly to the UK. Next, we went to Abuja where we were met with a warm reception of almost 100 participants. Our partner, LeadNurse Africa was able to work with us to gather these nurses, and now we have plans to do a bigger seminar in October! 

    WhatsApp Image 2019-07-28 at 11.17.26 (002)      Nigeria

Some of the nurses we interviewed on 14 June 2019 in Accra arrived in the UK on 29 July 2019. They have commenced work with their employer and are ready for a new life in the UK! Watch David, Rachael, and Emmanuel share their story in the video below, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel.

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