The cost of Airyl's nursing journey to the UK - is it worth it?

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Airyl journey to NMC PinpngFor international nurses who trained outside the EU/EEA, the application process to work as a registered in the UK is long and complex. There are at least 10 steps to follow.

Step 1 - Achieve the required scores to meet the English language requirement set by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). The fee is £165.00.

Step 2 - Apply for registration with the NMC. The fee is £140.00

Step 3 - Pass the test of competence part one: the computer based test (CBT). The fee is £130.00

Step 4 - Obtain a job offer from an employer (NHS Trust or Nursing Home) in the UK to obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS), a virtual document used to submit a Tier 2 entry clearance visa. The fee is £3,199.00 and this includes the immigration skills charge and assigning the COS.  

Step 5 - Evidence English language ability in support of a visa application. IELTS UKVI is an approved Secure English Language Test (SELT). There is no requirement to score 7.0 in all four components for this test. The fee is £200.00

Step 6 - Submit a Tier 2 visa application after completing steps 1 - 5 as above. The fee is £1,064.00 and this includes the visa fee and immigration health surcharge. 

Step 7 - Once visa is granted, must travel to the UK to start employment with the Sponsor. The cost is from £500.00 for airfare.

Step 8 - Pass the test of competence part two: Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). The fee is £992.00.

Step 9 - Upon passing OSCE, pay the admission fee to the NMC to join the register and obtain pin number to practice as a registered in the UK. The fee is from £153.00.

Step 10 - Buy yourself a treat and celebrate your success. The cost is from £5.00.

Description Cost 
IELTS Academic  £165.00
Application to register (NMC) £140.00
CBT £130.00
Immigration Skills Charge & COS £3,199.00
IELST UKVI £200.00
Entry Visa & Health Surcharge for the first Sponsor  £1,064.00
Single flight to the UK £500.00
OSCE 1st attempt £992.00
OSCE 2nd attempt £496.00
Tier 2 FLR to work for the second Sponsor £1,064.00
OSCE 3rd attempt £992.00
Immigration Skills Charge and COS £3,199.00
Tier 2 FLR to work for the second Sponsor £1,064.00
TOTAL  £13,205.00

This table does not include the recruitment, onboarding and other related costs paid by the employers. See my other blog to read about the true recruitment cost.  As you can see in the above timeline, it has taken 13 months for Airyl to achieve full registration with the NMC and the application costs and fees that incurred her to complete the whole process has reached a staggering amount of £13,205. 

It didn't have to be this way but the truth is Airyl is one of the many overseas nurses who came to the UK to pursue a nursing career but instead have gone through this horrible experience before finally being able to work as registered nurses. Some left the UK and others became overstayers due to lack of understanding, advice and support that should have been made available to them at the start of their journey.  Of course all these costs and unnecessary stress could have been avoided if Airyl was given proper OSCE training and preparation and advised correctly in respect of her immigration status after failing OSCE twice. 

We have assisted Airyl with her immigration status, OSCE preparation, introducing her to a new Tier 2 sponsor and obtaining her new Tier 2 leave to work and live legally in the UK. We even provided her accommodation from the time she came to us up until she commenced work with her new Sponsor. We are very happy for her. 

If you are an international nurse and a Sponsor, you can avoid the longwinded and expensive path that Airyl took if you get the right help that you need at every step of the process. IANS is the only company that combines legal expertise and training to recruit international nurses, we can help you the way we have supported Airyl. 

" I was really hopeless at that time and I was very lucky that a friend of a friend recommended me to contact IANS and immediately contacted them on Facebook. I told them about my situation and they said they can help me and that gave me hope."  - Airyl                                                    

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