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Looking for Tier 2 Sponsors? 

IANS is delighted to bridge the gap between completing a degree in the UK and finding a job that offers Tier 2 sponsorship to international graduates. This is an opportunity for you to intern with employers who have sponsor licences and understand the value that your unique contribution will bring to their businesses and therefore are offering sponsorships to successful interns. 


The IAN T2 Sponsorship in 3 Simple Steps


This is your chance to develop the right skills our sponsors are looking for in a graduate. Soft skills like communication, teamwork, time management, emotional intelligence, decision making, and leadership are always lacking in most graduates joining the workforce for the first time. 

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It is estimated that hiring the wrong candidate costs in the region of £17,000.  That sum covers recruitment fees, advertising, assessment of applications and interviews, induction and training , and the first 3 months salary. Our apprenticeship programme is designed to reduce this cost. 

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With an opportunity to bring and add value to your employer's bottom line, fill the skills gap in their workforce and increasing their staff retention rate for being in a minimum 3-year employment contract,  you are not only guaranteeing yourself a Tier 2 sponsorship but a promising career in the UK.

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At IANS our Tier2 internship model is simple: We identify the relevant skills our sponsors are looking for and we provide bespoke training and internship to our candidates to match these skills. 


Types of internships

Working in a job at RQF level 6

SponsorPage_02This simply means that your internship will be in a job at level 6 according the UK's Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) categories of qualifications based on their size, level of difficulty and challenge. In other words, you cannot be sponsored if you are working as receptionist or health care assistant as these are roles at RQF level 2 or 3.  We arrange internships according to your bachelors or master degree.

Working in a job at RQF level 4 but in a creative sector

There are exemptions to the RQF level 6 skill requirement and one of them is - if you will be sponsored in one of the following creative sector standard occupational classification (SOC) codes: 3411 – Artists; 3412 – Authors, writers and translators; 3413 – Actors, entertainers and presenters; 3414 – Dancers and choreographers; 3422 – Product, clothing and related designers. 

Working in a job that appears on the Shortage Occupation List (SOL)

Working in a job that appears on the shortage occupation list (SOL) is also exempt from the RQF level 6 skill requirement. You will find these occupations listed in     Appendix K of the Immigration Rules.

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At IANS our apprenticeship model is straightforward: We connect you with our network of businesses and sponsors who are looking for people with the right skills and attitude and are prepared to offer you an opportunity to demonstrate you are a match .


Types of apprenticeships


Specific skills gap in the market 

The businesses we work with are not primarily looking for high qualifications although they are necessary, but for people with the right skills to do the job. Finding and retaining this kind of talent is challenging for many employers and our apprenticeship programme is designed to train international students/graduates to develop these skills over an agreed short period of 3 months.

Opportunity to demonstrate value

Our experience shows that most employers are prepared to offer Tier 2 sponsorship and meet all the immigration requirements that come with it if migrants are able to demonstrate that their work can increase the bottom line of the business. Our apprenticeship is your opportunity to demonstrate that value to secure Tier 2 sponsorship.

Direct route to Tier 2 sponsorship

Our apprenticeship programme is designed around the standard probationary period of 3 - 6 months to become permanent. We make it as simple, straightforward and swift as possible. You undertake our training for 2 weeks and then you will undertake a 4 week internship and this is followed by a 3-6 month apprenticeship. As soon as you demonstrate value during your apprenticeship, your employer will not hesitate to offer you Tier 2 sponsorship even if you have not completed your 3-6 month apprenticeship programme.

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At IANS our sponsorship model is sure: We arrange your apprenticeship only with employers who are sponsor licence holders or in the process of obtaining one. The apprenticeship programme is based on sponsorship.


Types of sponsors

SponsorPage_10Pays the required UKVI salary rate

One of the obstacles in securing a Tier 2 sponsorship is the Home Office requirement for sponsors to pay the appropriate salary rate for the job which you are being sponsored. This ranges from £25,000 to £33,000 depending on the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) set by UKVI. Our sponsors do not hesitate to meet this requirement on the basis that you have the right skills and attitude and more importantly have already demonstrated bringing value to the business during your apprenticeship.

Meets the RLMT requirement 

Another obstacle hindering employers to sponsor international students and graduates to work for them is the duty imposed on them to benefit from international workforce. One example is the requirement to meet the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT). Although, sponsors are exempt from meeting the RLMT when sponsoring a Tier 4 migrant switching to Tier 2, they are still obligated to advertise their vacancies to meet the genuine vacancy requirement. Our internship and apprenticeship programme is established to support sponsors and migrants alike in all the requirements under sponsorship. 

Has systems and processes to fulfil duties as a licensed sponsor

We support our sponsors in ensuring they have robust recruitment and human resource systems to ensure they fulfil their sponsor duties to the highest standard. This is from record keeping, to reporting duties, complying with the UK's immigration  laws and ensuring they only sponsor migrants to vacancies that are genuine. 

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