Coming from the success of our  Care Providers Seminar at the Montcalm Royal London House and our tour in Merchant's House of Glasgow, we are proud to bring our expertise to the South of England in GUILDFORD



In January 2018 there were more than 34,000 nursing roles advertised.  We have a database of fully qualified nurses that want to work in the UK. Together we can match international Nurses with your nursing requirements. 

On Monday, 30 September 2019, we will be in The Mandolay Hotel, Guildford (The London Suite) to share our expertise with care providers across the South of England. This seminar will be different from our previous events, as managers and decision makers of care companies and hospitals will be able to INTERVIEW OVERSEAS NURSES DURING THE EVENT ITSELF! From 10 am - 1pm, we will be hosting our seminar where you'll get a firsthand look at how our successful process works. In the afternoon, from 1:30pm - 5pm, you will get the chance to try our services and do a Skype interview with eligible overseas nurses from our network. 



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We are an immigration law firm based in North London, and we want to help you fill your nursing vacancies with international nurses. Our specialty is simple: we can fly nurses to the UK in 4-6 weeks after a successful interview. Using our expertise in immigration, recruitment, and training, we are able to provide you with well-qualified, eligible nurses that can fill your immediate vacancies. These nurses have passed IELTS and CBT, and have NMC decision letters or are in the assessment queue. Not only do we change the lives of these nurses, we solve the UK's nursing crisis and save you thousands in agency costs.

For a registration fee of £1500 plus VAT, you will discover our unique international recruitment processes and you are guaranteed to walk home with ONE NURSE HIRE with ZERO RECRUITMENT FEE (terms and conditions and other fees such as home office fees and OSCE training fees apply). Whether or not you choose to take more nurses with IANS, attendance alone will guarantee you ONE NEW NURSE with IELTS and CBT and an NMC decision letter (or in the assessment queue). 

We will be showcasing the extraordinary work we have done for 10 care providers in the last 6 months, who all filled up their nursing vacancies within 6 weeks with our overseas candidates and all these candidates have obtained their NMC pin numbers within 6 weeks from entering the UK. We will also show you how to increase your staff retention rate to 99%. At the event, you will have access to hundreds of our candidates and guaranteeing with your registration fee that you will recruit one eligible nurse (with IELTS and CBT test pass certificates) for no recruitment fee on or before the event. However, you will still be responsible to pay for the Home Office and other mandatory fees. 

This offer is for a limited time and valid only to care providers who have not engaged our services in the past. You can have up to 3 candidates paying only £1,500.00 per candidate under this offer. Attend our recruitment event and fill up to 3 of your urgent nursing vacancies within 4-6 weeks! Get in touch now to know more. SEATS ARE LIMITED, SO REGISTER ASAP. 



Copy of Glasgow Success Stories

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Deployment is guaranteed within 6 weeks. Read Joy's success story here. Click on the image below, and watch her tell the story of how she trained with IANS to pass her OSCE!

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