Visa Type Tier 4 International Student Visa
Location: United Kingdom 
Start date:  Anytime 
Fee: starting from £1500

We are happy to offer a new service to students from around the world seeking to pursue education in the United Kingdom. We are a London-based law firm specializing in recruitment and immigration, and now that we have developed our internship program for international students looking for Tier 2 sponsorship, we are pleased to introduce our INTERNATIONAL ADMISSIONS PROGRAM. 



We will guide you from start to finish as you seek to begin a new life in the UK as an international student. We offer a wide range of services that will help you achieve your goals. 

Education Consultation

In our initial consultation, we will look at your CV, personal interests, educational background, and relevant work experience to place you in the most appropriate field. We will provide our own research and insight into the UK student and job market, and communicate with you the opportunities and possibilities that await you in the UK. Whether you're searching for a Bachelors, Masters, or even a short course, we'll be able to provide assistance and guidance. 

University Matching and Application

Using our own expertise honed from our successful internship program, we will provide you a shortlist of the best, most renowned universities around the UK for your field of study, depending on your own preferences in location or course. We will also give you insights on scholarships and funding opportunities, and advise you on ways to apply for them. After that, we will gather the necessary documents and references and apply to the university on your behalf. We will also assist you with requirements such as IELTS, TB test, etc. 

Visa Processing

Once you have been offered placement at a UK-based institution, we will then proceed with processing your Tier 4 International Student Visa. We will assist you in having your papers ready and help you with your online visa application. We will give you tips for your interview with the home office, giving you all of our expertise from our years of experience dealing with immigration and recruitment.  

Counseling and Student Advice

Once you're in the UK and have begun studying, our partnership does not stop there. We will be able to assist you with life in the UK, and you will meet the whole team which have assisted you during your application. We are more than happy to help you with settling in the UK, and we are very easy to reach via email, phone, or in our London office. 

Career Assessment and Internship

We will continually keep in touch with you so we could help assess your career plans post-university. If you intend on staying in the UK after your studies to seek Tier 2 sponsorship, we can easily transition you into our internship program to guarantee you Tier 2 sponsorship. Our clients continuously have vacancies in varied, diverse fields so it will not be a problem securing international students Tier 2 sponsorship. If your plan is to return to your home country, we will also give you advice on which fields to enter and how to market yourself well as a UK graduate. If you intend on pursuing further study, we can assist with that as well. 


Our internship program guarantees sponsorship, so if your aim is to work or settle in the UK, then this would be the path for you. Once you begin the internship program, you will be trained in skills that would be useful in an office setting, and you will be connected to companies who are happy to offer Tier 2 sponsorship after a standard probationary period. Provided that you demonstrate your skills and show that you can bring value to the company, there should be no issue getting you sponsorship. 

Check out one of our partner companies, Ubique Systems  We developed a unique internship program to help them recruit and train highly skilled international student graduates to work in their company, and they in turn will offer these graduates Tier 2 sponsorship. 


Anyone, regardless of age or field of study, is encouraged to apply. Having a Tier 4 International Student Visa is one of the easiest ways to secure a Tier 2 employer in the UK, as students are exempted from the Resident Labour Market Test. Schedule a free 15 minute call with us so we can talk about your situation and figure out the next possible steps forward. 

Application Process

  1. Register your interest and provide all required documents for eligibility assessment.
  2. A telephone interview will be arranged to discuss details of our programme.
  3. If accepted onto our programme, payment of fees must be made. 
  4. When payment is received, the process of consultation and application will begin 

Please apply for this program by following the 'Apply here' button below and completing our online application form. You will then receive a confirmation email and move forward from there.