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We have partnered with RO Diagan Cooperative Hospital to deliver IELTS and CBT Training to nurses in the Philippines. They will undergo a 6 months apprenticeship in the hospital to gain experience, develop clinical skills and pass all the examinations required to be eligible to apply for a nursing position in the UK.

We guarantee job interviews at the point of passing IELTS and CBT. We guarantee deployment to the UK after completing the programme. We also offer an OSCE training upon arrival in the UK.

International Nurses who have trained with IANS have a 100% passing OSCE rate. We do not offer what we have not tried and tested, and we are confident our method will place only the most eligible nurses in the UK. 



3- 6 Month Pathway to a UK Nursing Career


Candidates will be employed by RO Diagan Cooperative Hospital as professional nurses. They will be mentored by seasoned professionals who will work with them on the floor, giving them a real life insight into the career of nursing. 

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Nurses will undergo comprehensive IELTS and CBT Training so that they are fully prepared to take the exams. Passing these exams are crucial to their nursing journey in the UK, and we want to make sure our candidates are fully prepared to take on the challenge.

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Once we are confident of the nurse's ability of working in a UK nursing environment, we will match them with the right hospital or care home and guarantee their employment in the UK. They will fly to the UK at the soonest possible time as an international nurse.

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Candidates will work at RO Diagan Cooperative Hospital for 4 days a week, experiencing a career on the floor as a nurse. They are expected to carry out their duties as nurses professionally and excellently, up to the standards of RO Diagan Cooperative Hospital. They will be guided by the hospital's senior medical professionals to make sure that their tasks are carried out efficiently. This on the job training will enable them to also earn money and support themselves while they prepare to come to the UK.

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We believe in the uniqueness of each nurse in what they can bring to the table. When they make their application, we will make sure to assess their skills properly and see if they have the capacity to work with our partner hospitals and care homes. Our years of working with these employers have made us familiar to the kind of nurse each is looking for, and we want to make sure we can deliver only the best and most eligible candidates to them. 

The process begins with the candidate filling up the online form, and this will be followed by screening through email and phone. Finally, the nurse will be invited to interview at RO Diagan Cooperative Hospital. If the nurse is successful, he/she will be oriented and begin work promptly. 


Dr. Renato Diagan, a seasoned surgeon and medical doctor practicing in the Philippines, and the owner of the hospital, will take charge of mentoring these candidates. Along with the senior medical professionals working at the hospital, they will give the nurses a series of seminars and workshops that will help them become better at their job. This mentoring will also include orientation on working as a nurse in the UK, so that the nurses can have an initial idea of what to expect when they finally come to the UK. 

On the Job Experience

Our selection process includes training, internship and apprenticeship.  This means that every candidate we put forward have gone through our own bespoke training to improve all the skills lacking in most new hires when starting a new role.   We use the data from our skills gap analysis with your organisation in training our candidates and we require them to produce evidence of their abilities to bring and add value to your company before putting them forward for interviews.




To be able to work as a nurse in the UK, candidates have to fulfill two basic qualification requirements: IELTS/OET and CBT tests. These exams will be used in visa applications for international nurses. While these exams are daunting for some, IANS has extensive experience in training and preparing nurses to sit for these exams. We are confident that the training we are bringing to the UK Nursing Apprenticeship Program will ensure that the nurses have all the tools to pass these exams with flying colors. Nurses will train twice a week for the IELTS and CBT. If you ever need to resit an exam, we will offer support for that as well. Upon arrival in the UK, IANS will provide an extensive training for your OSCE test, where we guarantee a 100% passing rate.

Untitled design (10)IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

'IELTS for UKVI' is a UK government approved Secure English Language Test (SELT). This means that IELTS can be used to prove your English language abilities in support of a UK Visa and Immigration(UKVI) application.

While the training, seminars, and workshops will be conducted in English, comprehensive training to prepare nurses for the IELTS will also be given. At the beginning of the program, they will sit an initial IELTS exam to test their comprehension, and the outcome of that will determine the kind of IELTS training they will get. 

CBT (Computer Based Test)

The CBT (Computer Based Test) is the first test of competence the NMC requires.  This is a test of your theoretical practice-based knowledge. The test format is a multiple choice test and can be taken in test centres around the world. They cover professional values, communication, nursing decision-making and leadership.Nurses work in a variety of clinical settings and they are exposed to a variety of settings during their education. The NMC requires that all nurses at the point of entry to the register are competent to work in all professional areas of nursing practice. We have a high success rate of nurses we've trained to pass the CBT! 

OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination)

The OSCE will assess your clinical knowledge and can only be completed in the UK. This will act out scenarios which nurses are likely to encounter when they assess, plan, carry out and evaluate care. Candidates are expected to demonstrate safe and effective practice. The test of competence is based on current UK pre-registration standards. The test will be administered by one of the NMC’s approved university test centres who will administer their own test fee in agreement with us. You’ll need to contact the university directly to book and pay for your test. The test costs £992 and part resit will cost £496.



Once you pass your IELTS and CBT, we will arrange a job interview for you with our UK employers. Your visa application will commence as soon as you successfully receive an offer. Once your visa is granted, we will assist you with your journey to the United Kingdom and train you for the OSCE examination in the UK 

Untitled design (11)We will match you with the right employer

We have a wide range of sponsors we can match you with. We know what our partner care homes and hospitals need, and we know what kinds of nurses they are looking for and we will find the perfect fit for you. We will also take your skills and preferences into account. We have extensive experience in placing the right nurses with the right sponsors, and we are confident that both you and your new employer will be happy with the arrangement. 

We will take care of your Visa

Our team of expert solicitors will make sure that the process of submitting and receiving your visa goes smoothly. We have also partnered with Golden Legacy Jobmovers to make sure we are adhering to guidelines set for Overseas Filipino Workers by the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration). We will make sure your documents are complete and ready, and we will give you instructions on submitting your application.  Our solicitors have years of experience in immigration law, and bringing nurses from all around the world into the UK, so there would be no need to worry about your application. We ensure excellent communication between our candidates and our solicitors, so we can take care of whatever needs or concerns you may have. 

We will keep in touch with you

Your relationship with IANS does not stop once you're in the UK and with your sponsor. If you have family dependents that you want to bring over to the UK, we'll happily take care of that as well. Once you're on the road to settlement, we'll advise you on the necessary steps forward for residency and citizenship. We know that life as an international nurse in the UK can be challenging, and we're always here to help our nurses whenever they need it. 


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