Mendolito Barrameda

"IANS team is so kind and approachable, they are persistent in helping you achieve your career goal and remind yourself not to give it up!"
                                                                                                                                              - Mendolito

NURSE Philippines 6 WEEKS Kenneth Ray Rule


Mendolito came to us by a recommendation from his friend who were facing the same situations at that moment. Also, he read our testimonials and reviews, then found out that there are many candidates were facing the same situation. His contract with a former employer was terminating and he has no assurance about his future career. He failed in OSCE exam twice, but never give up. 

At that moment, he was so depressing as he knew that he could lose his job if he could not pass the exam. With our help though IANS, he came and ask for the advice about his visa document and all the immigration and recruiting process. With our help from our training team, he had 1 on 1 intense class, which then he finally overcame his exam and obtained his PIN number. He's so thankful and appreciated with our help that we always keep encouraging him not to give up. Now he is looking forward to move on and achieving his career advancement with RGN role at Kenneth Ray Rule. 

After all of the struggles, he was so proud of himself that he could accomplish his goal with all supports from IANS team. Through our expertise and knowledge, we always believe that we could help you starting a new life in the UK!

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