Celeste Lira

"IANS helped me looking for a good employer and arrange me the interview after a few days when I sent them my credentials! It’s super-fast and reliable. I am really appreciated this! "
                                                                                                                        - Celeste L.  

REGISTRATION NURSE Philippines  6 WEEKS Forest Care

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Celeste is a Filipino empathetic nurse who provide excellent of quality care to all types of patients ranging from young to old. With her strong background, her application went well as well as her interview with sponsor employers. She was searching up for the agency who could help her to the UK. Then, she found IANS on Facebook and realised how fast and reliable we are based on the successful stories from previous candidates. Also, she heard a lot of good feedback from her fellow nurses which they had fast deployments with good employer. Her goals are always wanted to advance her career growth, she believes that having a job in UK is a ladder for her to step up her profession, then become specialise in her field and become a manager. The whole process for her was total in 8 weeks, with all the recruitment, immigration and training process. She received her CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship) in 3 weeks after her successful interview. Her process to immigration team has been passed thoroughly and her visa granted within 4 weeks after the interview. She arrived in the UK after 7 weeks and joined our OSCE training for 2 weeks. Then, she will be qualified to be a fully UK registered nurse.

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