Atul Singh

Senior Carer, India

“To make a living in India maybe challenging but it’s certainly not rewarding, not like in the UK. I struggled to make a living teaching like most of us do but I hoped that my day would come, and it did,  in the form of IANS. I was a teacher at a University in India for 9 yrs. prior to this. I lost my job  unfortunately, could not find opportunities elsewhere and decided to come to UK to study in 2020. It was the height of the pandemic and I  struggled without a part-time job for 6 months. I do not know how I survived.

Around Aug 2021 while studying in the UK, one of my former students, Arun who was working as a solicitor for IANS reached out to me saying that a wonderful opportunity was available and if I would like to grasp it. I didn’t hesitate. I began  researching on Google, read the testimonials and  reviews. This spurred me on to attend the skilled  worker webinar on Oct 2021, subsequently joining the momentum club in Nov that year. I was  interviewed by a sponsor soon after and was  offered a job. It was remarkable.    

Transitioning from Teacher to Senior Carer was easy through the passage of time, the more I worked, the more experience I gained. IANS was transparent about everything. I had some experience in healthcare back in India working for a charity, but IANS ensured that I was given the requisite training and then asked me to start my placement, which further aided in my preparation for the job ahead.  

Now my partner and I are both working, the children are going to school for free, things couldn’t get better. With the help of God, I found IANS, IANS is a god to me. To those sitting on the fence I only have a few words of advice, clarify any doubts, follows their instructions to the letter, be patient and give sufficient time for the process to take hold. A life of opportunity awaits! ” 

Atul Singh India



My Student visa was about to run out, I sought sponsors, but no one responded. I was lost and was running out of time. 


My former student Arun, introduced me to IANS. It was entirely unexpected, and I was in for a real surprise. I was able to breathe again.


Everything from consultation, advice, recruitment and immigration matters were all covered by IANS. It gave me peace of mind.


I switched from a student visa to a skilled worker visa easily, I was amazed at the speed. It was an experience I will not forget. 




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