Joy Jun 16, 2021 11:03:23 PM 10 min read

11 Reasons To Attend IANS MG Webinar


When ever-changing travel restrictions, quarantines, and all things pandemic-related block your career goals and aspirations, it’s easy to simply quit and wait. Wait until the pandemic is over. Wait until your country is not a part of the UK’s red list. Wait until you run into a miracle. 

But what if you don’t? What if you get stuck with all the “what ifs” and one day, you realize that you’ve wasted years sitting in one corner, waiting for things to happen? 

Whether you’ve been tirelessly applying for new UK job vacancies or it’s your first time to approach your application, IANS’ Registered Nurse Webinar can be your bridge to a wealth of opportunities. 
In the webinar, you’ll learn:

1. 5 things recruitment agencies are hiding from you.

Everyone has secrets, but when it comes to your recruitment agency, you want to know what happens behind closed doors. Because, well, anything they do (or not do) creates a major impact on your UK application. So, let’s not keep their secrets all to ourselves, shall we?   

2. Why your recruitment agency is taking forever to process your papers.

You probably know someone--a friend or a relative, maybe--who paid and endlessly waited for their UK visa application. Worse, that someone might be you. 
The problem: you don’t need to watch the Wolf of Wall Street to know that “time is    money”. In our RN webinar, you’ll understand the timeline difference between     processing your application with and without IANS.

3. Important information on travel bans and the health and care visa scheme that fall under UK’s new immigration system.

Is it easier to process your UK work visa under the new immigration system? Is your current location included in the red flag countries and territories prohibited to enter the UK? If so, how could this affect your application? You’re just one webinar away from finding out.  

4. How to get connected to UK-approved sponsors that can grant you employment.

Every day, we hear stories of applicants who are not getting job interviews from UK-approved sponsors. This further delays their application process, making it easy to lose sight of their goal to work in the UK. But at IANS, we keep all employment problems at bay by bridging you to new, inspiring opportunities. 

5. How to create realistic, measurable goals that are in line with your career plans and work experience.


Expectations can quickly turn into disappointments when you don’t have a realistic and attainable goal. You can easily learn how to create a work-based career pathway by joining our webinar. 

6. How to successfully overcome long work gaps that keep you from landing a job.

What’s stopping you from achieving your UK dreams? If it’s your work gap, we’ll show you how to easily get pass it without spending too much time, money, and effort on processing your application requirements. 

7. Foolproof ways of creating a handsome career profile that can grow your employability.

As the famous line goes, “Bait the hook well, and the fish will bite.” Or put simply, to get a job, you first need to be employable. But how? With our help, you can effectively groom your profile so you can emerge as the strongest candidate in a sea of applicants.  

8. 3 major mistakes registered nurses need to avoid when applying for a sponsorship. 

Maybe you’re waiting for a job interview. Or maybe, just like many others out there, you’ve been screened in hundreds of job interviews but was unsuccessful. Some of the reasons that keep you from landing a sponsorship comes from a root of major application mistakes that you should rectify. 

9. 3 proven-and-tested strategies in growing your visibility so you can get connected to numerous sponsors in 4 weeks.

When it comes to getting connected to sponsors, less is NEVER more. In our webinar, we’ll help you create a visible, appealing profile so you can get a UK sponsor in just 4 weeks.

10. 3 Secrets to getting a sponsorship during and after a job interview.

What are your potential sponsors looking for in a candidate? Do you have what it takes to charm your way to a certificate of sponsorship? Whether you do or you don’t, IANS will make sure you learn the most practical ways to showcase your skills and your personality.

11. One major reason why you don’t need a recruitment agency.

Do you want to know another secret? The UK needs you! All NHS, private and nursing homes need you. And after attending IANS’ webinar, you’d know why you won't need any recruitment agency.