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Event Highlights: Glasgow Seminar


Following the success of our Care Providers Seminar in London, we decided to take our team further and head to GLASGOW! On Thursday 29 August, the IANS team headed to Glasgow to bring our Care Providers Seminar on tour! Read and see how it went at The Merchant's House of Glasgow

It was an early start for the IANS team as we caught an early flight to Glasgow, but that did not prevent us from having excitement and high spirits for the event ahead. The Merchant's House of Glasgow provided a beautiful backdrop to the event, and The Committee Room was perfectly set up for our guests. From 1pm, guests started to filter in and we chatted with them and served everyone coffee, tea, sandwiches, and pastries. 


Thankfully, everyone arrived on time, and surprisingly, more guests than we had prepared for showed up! What an optimistic way to kick off the seminar! We started by having everyone interact, and asking them what their purpose was for coming to the seminar. All of the guests cited that their companies were experiencing recruitment issues, and thus were having trouble with retaining nurses and maintaining a high quality of care. Rising agency costs was also a reason that they decided to approach IANS. It was a good experience for these care providers to network with each other. 


Soon, we started our presentations. Our guests got to know the whole IANS story, and the whole process was explained to them from start to finish. They were able to ask questions, hear about our success stories, and see the actual numbers that make IANS a success. The savings they would be able to make was presented to them clearly, and by the end, they were in awe of our tried and tested process. 


Finally, to cap off our event, we surprised our guests by introducing our network of international nurses! We asked our nurses to go online, and we organized for them to have a video chat with our potential clients. They were very impressed, and immediately asked to hire the candidates presented! The meet and greet between candidates and clients was very successful! Our candidates were more than happy to express their interest. Who knows? They might be flying to Scotland soon! 

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After addressing the last few questions that our potential clients and guests had, we happily ended the event with wine and nibbles. The long day ended on a positive note for our guests and for the IANS team, and we quickly ran to catch our flight back to London. Needless to say, the event was a success! Many of our guests have closed deals with us now, and we are looking to recruit 20-30 nurses for all of them for the next few months!

The whole IANS team was happy to welcome guests, and we now are looking forward to having more events like this where we can help care providers solve their nursing crisis and grow their business in the long term. 

Following the success of our seminars in London and Glasgow, IANS will be going to GUILDFORD on Monday, 30 September 2019 to meet with care providers in South England! This will be an all-day OPEN DAY RECRUITMENT SEMINAR, and not only will our guests learn about our methods and success, they will also get the chance to interview their next nurse hire ON THE DAY ITSELF! That's right, for a £1500 + VAT registration fee, you get to interview one nurse hire WITH ZERO RECRUITMENT FEE*! 

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Get in touch now if you'd like to fill your own nursing vacancies! Remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube for the latest IANS news. 



*terms and conditions and other fees apply 

Check out a video of the highlights of our Glasgow event below!