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Event Highlights: Care Providers Seminar


On Thursday 18 July 2019, IANS hosted its first ever Care Providers Seminar for managers and directors of care homes with nursing vacancies. Read and see how it went at The Montcalm Royal London House...

It started as a dreary and grey day in London, but that didn't discourage the IANS team from setting up a vibrant, joyful event for it's existing, new and prospective clients. The goal was simple: give care providers the opportunity to fill their nursing vacancies, cut their agency spend, and boost their employee retention rate through the recruitment of international nurses. It was an afternoon filled with presentations, networking, and of course, drinks! 

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Against the beautiful setting of The Montcalm Royal London House located in the heart of central London, we started the day off by welcoming our guests to our conference room and offering them drinks and nibbles. Videos of happy IANS nurses played in the background, and by 2pm, we were ready to begin our presentations. 

Our first presentation, The IANS Way: Recruitment, Immigration and Training Under One Roof was a big hit. Our clients were impressed by our fast and reliable method of getting international nurses to the UK in 4-6 weeks. We discussed with our guests their specific needs, and we were able to offer them solutions that would enable them to improve their business and save them more money. By presenting our guests the actual numbers: cost of hiring agency nurses, and cost of waiting for international nurses from agencies who delay in their delivery, we were able to convince them to try the IANS way, and it looks like they're very much satisfied! 


Our second presentation, Our Success Stories, tugged on a few heartstrings as we showed our guests the journey that our international nurses embark on when they leave their country to find work in the UK. By showing them videos of their families saying goodbye to them, and how the nurses are looking forward to starting a new life in the UK, we wanted to put things into perspective that our business deals with people, and it's taking care of these people that will help the care industry grow and develop. 


After the presentations, it was time for our clients to ask us their most pressing questions about the nursing recruitment industry. Our experts were more than happy to help, and we enjoyed an open exchange between new, existing, and prospective clients and we were happy to finally address their issues face to face. Then, it was finally time to mingle, enjoy a few more drinks and nibbles, and have fun! 



The whole IANS team was happy to welcome guests, and we now are looking forward to having more events like this where we can help care providers solve their nursing crisis and grow their business in the long term.

Following the success of our seminar, IANS is now sharing it to Care Providers throughout the UK! Watch our for us! We'll be in voco St. David's Cardiff on 27 August, Chamber Space Manchester on 28 August, Merchants House Glasgow on 29 August, and Malone Lodge Hotel Belfast on 30 August! 


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