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Introducing connectIANS


What is connectIANS ?

Put simply, connectIANS© is a private online community platform designed for migrants seeking T2 sponsorship in the UK where by becoming a member of a relevant group i.e. international nurses, a member can create a full profile, showcase it and get found. The most interesting feature of the platform is the ability of the member to connect with the right employers who have Sponsor Licences without relying on a recruitment agency to manage the recruitment process from start to finish. Likewise, connectIANS© also will be the only go-to-platform of any businesses who can't source talents from within the local UK workforce market especially during post-Brexit.

What's unique about connectIANS?

As a candidate, you can create your career profile.

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As a candidate, you can get found by sponsors.

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As a candidate, you can set your availabilities for interviews.

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As a candidate, you can search sponsors and apply for jobs.

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As an employer, you can view profiles, post jobs and use the full service.

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Visit our connectIANS page to learn more or you can click the button below to register.