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OSCE-Ready Nurse? Here's What to Expect When You Arrive in the UK!


Anyone who’s been confined to a hospital or who brought flowers to a sick friend would probably agree that the best seats in heaven are reserved for nurses. Nursing is, and always will be, one of the noblest professions.  

f2da89f994584b4efb8e026a51878199But in between the syringes and the medications, one thing you can never take away from nurses is their purpose. Today, that purpose of saving lives... or, at the least, making lives easier... isn’t just a calling, but a pathway for nurses who want to expand their horizon and seize new, life-changing opportunities. 

The UK, Australia, the USA, Canada – every progressive country has opened its borders for nurses even before the pandemic. It’s just a matter of getting all the qualifications you need to cross those borders.  

The good news: if you want to come to the UK and you’re OSCE-ready, we can help you get a sponsorship and just like magic, you can be in the UK in 4-12 weeks!  

Our Process

The UK's healthcare system is heavily reliant on nurses and other healthcare workers. In our answer to filling workforce gaps, IANS created an all-in-one-solution that connects OSCE-ready nurses to UK sponsors who are licensed to hire international skilled workers. 

The process is quite simple. You send us your CBT and IELTS/OET, and we'll immediately put you forward for a sponsorship interview. Passed the interview? We'll turn you over to our SRA-certified solicitors who will do all the immigration work for you. From processing your CoS to applying your UK visa, our legal team is here to simplify and make your application seamless.

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You're in the UK. Now What?   

IANSDaily_Arrival_Justin and Ottilia Sablah_2Justin, Ottilia, and Enoch are only some of the nurses who came to IANS and immediately got a sponsorship. All OSCE-ready, these registered nurses came armed with IELTS, CBT, and their determination to practise nursing in the UK.

What happened when they arrived in their work placement? Here’s what you can expect if you’re as aspiring UKRN, according to them!  IANSDaily_Arrival_Adebowale Enoch Alabi

But first, DISCLAIMER: Not all trusts and private care homes provide the same working conditions. Although there are standards that all hospitals follow, nursing policies, scheduling, etc, can be different for every hospital. 

What to Expect When You Arrive

You usually get a few days to a week to settle in your new home and set up your bank account before you begin your actual hospital/care home duty. 

1st workweek:  
Induction: Remember your 1st day at school? It's basically the same thing, but (hopefully) with less jitters. Here's when you meet hospital staff, attend orientation, learn basic policies, and get basic trainings that will equip you once you are working independently as a nurse.  

Before passing your OSCE, you will work as a healthcare assistant. Your UK sponsor usually gives you time to review and prepare for OSCE (which costs £794, ICYDK. But don’t worry because the exam fee and training is usually shouldered by your sponsor). 

The days allocated for your review depends on the private care home or the trust you are working with. Some employers allocate 4 paid days a week for OSCE review, and 1 day for hospital duty, but again, it completely depends on the employer. 

  • Role of a healthcare assistant: assist the nurse 

After passing your OSCE, you will get your nursing pin and become a certified UK registered nurse. Your hourly pay increases once you pass the test. 

What happens next: You will begin nurse shadowing, where you observe senior nurses so you can learn nursing procedures.  

Working hours:  

Long days: 12 hours per shift 

Work Days: Most nurses working full time and doing 12 hour shifts will need to report to duty 3 days on the first week and 4 days on the next. 

Overtime work: In the UK, this is called BANK SHIFT. If you want to earn extra, you can always request for a bank shift, or an extra work day. There is added pay if your bank shift is scheduled on a Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday. 

Why Become a Nurse in the UK?

The pay and the benefits are great -- no doubt about that! But what makes nursing in the UK even better is the career progression. The nursing field here is very diverse. You don't have to feel trapped in just one area – you can be a ward nurse or a specialist nurse, sky's the limit! Plus, when you become a nurse in the UK, your trust or your private employer gives you the opportunity to learn and progress in your field.  

Want to come to the UK as a registered nurse? Contact us today