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Scale-Up Visa: A New and Cheap Way to Recruit Migrant Workers, but is it Right for You?


The much-awaited Scale-up Visa, which was already announced since March 2021, is now formally out.

Announced by the Home Office on 22 August 2022, the Scale-up visa will allow high-growth businesses to employ high-skilled individuals – from scientists and engineers to architects and programmers – who will receive two years’ leave to remain in the UK without the need for further sponsorship or permission beyond the first six months.

Who will be able to sponsor staff on a Scale-up visa?

To qualify as a Scale-up, an employer will need to show annualised growth in either turnover or staffing of at least 20% for the previous three-year period and that they had a minimum of 10 employees at the start of the period.

The Home Office will use an employer’s PAYE data from the HMRC to determine if they meet these requirements. Potential sponsors should have a minimum of 37 months’ worth of unbroken history with HMRC. If you do not meet the employment growth criteria, the Home Office will check whether you meet the turnover growth criteria. If there are gaps in an applicant’s HMRC records, the check is likely to fail.

They will then be able to apply for a Scale-up sponsor licence and the valid Certificate of Sponsorship that a migrant staff member would need to work for them in the UK on a Scale-up visa.

Scale Up Companies would also still need to apply for a Sponsor License.

While the Scale-up visa would allow for fast-tracked processing of applications and remove the Immigration Skills Charge – representing a saving of £5,000 over a five-year period compared with Skilled Worker or Senior or Specialist Worker visas – the visa holder is only tied to the firm for the first six months and will need to meet a minimum salary threshold of £33,000.

What are the advantage and disadvantages of this visa scheme?

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