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Get Your FAQs Right: What to Expect from Our Skilled Worker Webinar


“Can I come to the UK with my family?” 

“Am I eligible to apply even if I don’t have a nursing background?” 

“Why should I attend a paid webinar when there are free webinars out there?”  


Are you still flipping back and forth, deciding whether you should attend our webinar or not? From FB to IG to YouTube, we get a lot of questions on our feed, so if you still feel confused, it’s time you get all the answers, straight from our pros!  


Q1: What is IANS and is it a legitimate company? 

A1: We get questions like this a lot, so I might as well give you a brief overview of our company. IANS is a UK-based company that started providing expert immigration advisory services for skilled workers who want to enter or remain in the United Kingdom. Put simply, regardless of where you are, we are here to give you the legal and immigration support you need. We also provide training services to help you find better work opportunities. Think of IANS as a one-stop shop for all your immigration needs. That’s what we do and that’s who we are! 😉  

Now, when it comes to legitimacy issues. Since 2010, we have been helping applicants achieve their dreams in the UK. You can check our company profile on our “About Us” page, too! 


Q2: What is a Skilled Worker Visa?  

A2: The Skilled Worker Visa replaced UK’s Tier 2 Work Visa. It allows overseas applicants to work in the UK under a Home-Approved employer. Of course, the job should fall under the eligible skilled occupation list released by the UK government.


Q3: I’ve heard about IANS webinar/hybrid event. What is it for? Can you tell me more about it? 
A3: Let's cut to the exciting part—our webinars. Our team runs webinars or hybrid events structured to provide valuable insights on UK immigration laws and processes that you cannot get anywhere else. Our goal is to create a supportive environment for everyone who’d like to begin their journey to the UK, and this all starts with our paid event. Aside from training and visa guidance, attending our hybrid event grants you access to latest news about our events by liking our FB page or joining our ConnectIANS community. 


Q4: How can I register for the webinar/hybrid event? 

A4: Booking our hybrid event is quick and easy! By clicking on the link on the description box and simply filling in a short form, you can complete your registration within 60 seconds.  


Q5: Can I bring my spouse or children as my dependants?  

A5: Definitely! You can bring dependants with you, such as your husband or your children. Our solicitors have helped hundreds of families come to the UK, all at the same time.  


Q6: I am a member of the European Union. Does this webinar/hybrid event still apply to me? 

A6: Yes. Following Brexit, members of the European Union still need to secure a Skilled Worker visa, which means that you need to follow the same process as overseas workers. 


Q7: I’m an aspiring UKRN but I did not meet the required IELTS score. Am I eligible to apply as a senior carer in the UK? 

A7: Yes. Even without IELTS and CBT, you can come to the UK as a senior carer. You can learn more about this once you attend our webinar.  


Q8: Is the hybrid only for registered nurses?    

A8: No, our webinars are not exclusive to registered nurses. IANS runs two types of webinars: 

RN - for registered nurses  

SW - for all types of skilled workers under the UK's occupational shortage list 

Q9: What are the different payment methods for the webinar and how can I pay? 

A9: IANS has a systematised online facility that receives online payment using your debit or credit card, regardless of your country of residence, so it doesn’t matter where you are! You just need to make sure that your bank allows international online transactions and that your purchase limit meets the amount you need to pay. If these payment channels don’t work for you, you can make a direct bank deposit by contacting our support team for our bank details.  


Q10: Does IANS accept overseas applicants? 

A10: Yes, we do! 

Q11: Which IELTS module is needed for UK visa processing? Academic or General Training? 
A11: When applying to the UK, you are required to sit for the IELTS for UKVI, which is approved by the UK Home Office for school or work migration purposes. The module type for senior carers and skilled workers is General Training. Nurses aspiring to be a UKRN, on the other hand, are required to sit for the Academic Module. 

Q12: What should I expect after joining the webinar/hybrid event?   
A12: Our webinar/hybrid event gives you a clear roadmap to the UK whether you’re a nurse, a senior carer, or a skilled worker. We provide you with real, up-to-date insights on the requirements you need to meet to get a sponsorship and qualify for a work visa application. During our event, you can ask questions to our experts. This is a webinar that you won’t find online or in a forum. IANS’s Qualified and Experienced Experts will clear all your doubts and will help you take your first step towards your UK dream. 

Q13: How long will the webinar last? 

A13: Our webinars last for approximately 2 hours. This includes a general presentation on UK immigration laws and processes, along with a Q&A portion for attendees. 

Q14: On which platform will these webinars take place? 

A14: Our webinars are conducted on Zoom. Upon registration and completion of our forms, you will receive a link for the webinar. 


Q15: Do I need to meet certain criteria before registering for the webinar? For instance, for the webinar for registered nurses, do I have to present other qualifications other than being a registered nurse?

A15: Generally, we don’t have any criteria/qualifications for our attendees. Here at IANS, our goal is to provide all of you the opportunity to work in the UK regardless of your professional/occupational backgrounds. Our account managers are responsible for helping you find the hybrid event that best matches your qualifications. If you need more assistance, you can message us on FB or IG.

 Got more questions? Attend our Skilled Worker Webinar and see where two hours with us would take you!