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Who looks after our international nurses?


Becoming a nurse is entering one of the noblest professions. You sacrifice so much of your time with friends and family just to care for others. It's harder, one would imagine, to be an international nurse caring for people away from your own country. It is a sacrifice many nurses make, given the presence of many international nurses in the UK.

3According to a recent article by the House of Commons Library under the UK Parliament website, 1 in 8 NHS staff in England are not British. The Guardian in 2014 released its findings on their study about the NHS' reliance on foreign nationals. Interesting figures on the right provide a complete picture of the number of foreign nationals working in the NHS. This number must have grown exponentially by now. The demand for nurses in bigger, better developed countries keeps on growing, enticing more and more people to train as nurses and immigrate. But with the nurses continually giving and caring and sacrificing in order to provide better lives for their patients and families, we have to ask, is anyone taking care of them?

Ask any international nurse and they will say that the process of obtaining a visa and coming to the UK has been difficult. There are exams to pass, such as the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or OET (Occupational English Test), CBT (Computer Based Test), and the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). Then there's the forms to fill out, appointments to attend, and interviews to ace. With all of this going on, plus the stress of leaving their own country to start a new life in another, it's no surprise that these nurses need someone who would handle their cases with care, and go the extra mile to provide excellent service.

That is exactly what IANS is offering. Finding international nurses employers who are not only interested in filling up their vacancies and ensuring return of their investments but more importantly understand that these nurses themselves need care in the new life that awaits them in the UK. We recognise the care and abilities that international nurses provide to the UK, and we would like to give them the care and assistance that they deserve as well.

At IANS, we are very proud to have helped international nurses go through the complex nursing application process to the UK within 6 weeks. The turn around time to bring in these nurses for most NHS Trusts, nursing homes and agencies in UK is from 6-12 months. But our candidates' journey is much shorter than normal. Maria from Nigeria came to the UK after 5 weeks, while Olasupo, Rahmat and Janelle entered the UK after 6 weeks. However, it only took 4 weeks for Foster to come to the UK. These are amazing results and with the speed in which we can fill up vacancies, we believe that our community who requires high quality of care are the ones benefitting the most! 

International nurses in 6 weeks guaranteed from IAN Services Ltd. on Vimeo.w and obtaining professional registrations

IELTS, Tier 2 Visa and OSCE are the 3 obstacles in international recruitment of nurses and for this reason it takes a minimum of 6-12 months for your regular agencies to recruit and deploy overseas nurses.

At IANS we have perfected our processes in 3 simple steps enabling us to bring in international nurses within 4-6 weeks from interview and obtaining professional registrations within 2 weeks.

Want international nurses join your team in 6 weeks? contact us to know more. 

*Graphic: Finbar Sheehy for The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/jan/26/nhs-foreign-nationals-immigration-health-service