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CQC Overall rating : Good

Our Vision and Mission is:

1-Dec-22-2020-11-25-46-72-AM Improve our client’s health care status
2-Dec-22-2020-11-26-42-98-AM Aspire for high quality care
3-Dec-22-2020-11-27-54-85-AM Network to build strong relationships
4-Dec-22-2020-11-28-25-10-AM Solve new and challenging problems

Dementia Care

We focus on quality of life for people with dementia, as well as quality of care. By knowing the person, their life history and their personal culture, our staff will deliver a personalised package of care and support. We set a benchmark for high quality, person centred care support and inspire and encourage our team to take responsibility for delivering and building on existing good practice.  We play our part in supporting the wider community, sharing the knowledge and skills of our staff, and inviting people into our care settings.  

People with dementia using our services will be able to say: 

  • I get the care and support which enables me to live well.  
  • I am treated with dignity and respect 
  • I am respected as an individual 
  • I feel part of a community and I am inspired to participate in community life 
  • Those around me and looking after me are well supported and understand how to maximise my independence. 
  • I can enjoy life 

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Personal Care

Personal care and support are probably the broadest types of care we deliver as they involve skills assistance with most aspects of daily life that can become increasingly difficult for some people. 

We know that every customer is an individual, with unique personal needs, preferences and values. It is a very flexible type of care and can be arranged for a duration and frequency to suit anyone’s needs. Support involves less hands-on care, as it focuses on help with daily activities such as trips out to the shops, paying bills, meeting friends etc. It is a vital part of ensuring that people retain their independence for as long as possible. 

Personal care includes: 

  • Help with washing and toileting
  • Dressing
  • Oral care
  • Assistance with medication
  • Preparation for bed – getting up and going to bed
  • Continence care 

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Personalised to your specific needs

Live-in Care

When you or a loved one require more intensive support or personal care in the comfort and privacy of your own home, then a live-in care solution from IANS Home Care offers the perfect blend of support, flexibility and continuity and is an ideal and cost-effective alternative to a nursing or care home.  

We pride ourselves in offering fully trained care workers or nurses coming to live at a person’s home so that they can provide full time care and companionship for that individual. They are on hand to help with personal care, undertake household chores such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping as well as providing the very important aspect of companionship. 

We provide the following types of services to young people, adults and elderly clients: 

  • Individually tailored Live-in Care packages 
  • Temporary and permanent solutions, with complete flexibility 
  • Specialist package for couples 
  • Highly trained and compassionate Support Workers and Registered nurses. 
  • Trustworthy support from the entire team 


Within the freedom and safety of your own home, you’ll enjoy one-to-one support. You will be able to relax, knowing that there is someone there for you. Severn days a week available whenever you need them. But they can also be out of your way when you don’t. They can help with your housework, personal care and shopping, or simply provide good company.  

IANS Home Care for people with the following needs: 

  • Personal Care
  • Daily activities 
  • Companionship 
  • Cooking meals 
  • Assistance with medication 
  • Domestic duties 
  • Shopping 
  • Accessing local support 

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Perhaps you just need company?


It is often the most simple activities and experiences that do so much to enhance someone's quality of life. Reading a book, a trip to the cinema or even a cup of tea with friends all bring enjoyment and variety to everyday life. Yet whether it be through age, disability or illness many people often struggle to sustain these activities as much as they once did. 

The Companionship service from IANS Home Care gives people back the freedom to enjoy these simple but life-enhancing experiences by offering support and encouragement from discreet, mature and highly trained care staff. This service is ideal for people who do not necessarily need personal care and support but sometimes struggle with daily activities and find their quality of life poorer as a result. It might be a trip to the shops, help with reading or even an outing to the cinema. Whatever your need, our Companionship service can help. 

Just look at the range of activities that we can support you with 

  • Organising outings and trips 
  • Accompany to lunch or dinner 
  • Arranging and attending appointments 
  • Assistance with shopping and food preparation 
  • Taking part in hobbies and crafts 
  • Escorting people on holiday 
  • Helping with clothing selection 
  • Picking up prescriptions or dry cleaning 
  • Monitor diet and eating 
  • Light housekeeping and cleaning 
  • Walking the dog 
  • Going to leisure activities 
  • Visiting a community centre or family 
  • Using public transport for personal day out 

The list is not exhaustive, and just like our other care services, we will visit your home to assess your needs and to discuss in more detail what assistance you want. We will then plan the care to suit your needs and expectations, before choosing the most suitable person to visit you.  

If there’s room in your life for someone like that, IANS Home Care can help. One of our Care Support Worker can visit you or accompany you and add a vital human element to your day. We want to provide someone to share your interests with, while offering companionship. Clients have found that getting together with a companion makes them feel revitalised and energised. Spending quality time with someone who understands them and is genuinely interested in them is very important.  

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Healthcare Professionals

IANS Home Care offers a range of healthcare and recruitment services to clients that deliver innovative, cost effective and high-quality temporary staffing solutions to meet all your needs and budgets.  This includes, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Residential Care Homes – private and public 
  • Private Hospitals and public hospitals 
  • Local Authority and Social Services 
  • Retirees 
  • Communities 

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Complex care

Complex care is a clinically specialised care package delivered to patients with complex care health issues. This type of care is carried out safely and confidently by our highly trained care workers with specific areas of expertise. We are committed to working in partnership with clients and their families to deliver the highest standards of person-centred care. Our vision is to optimise our client’s potential, enabling them and their families to enjoy fulfilled and rewarding lives. Our personalised service reflects an individual’s wishes, hopes and expectations within affordable cost structure

We can ensure every IANS Home Care worker has the right of skills, expertise, confidence and passion to work on a specific package of care. Our team have many areas of expertise, including spinal injury, acquired brain injury, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, epilepsy, advanced medication administration, IV’s, bloods, catheter, TPN care, PEG feeds and others. We work in partnership with each of our clients and their families to maximise the outcomes, whilst minimising disruption and inconvenience. 

We offer: 

  • Support from hospital to home 
  • Clinical expertise at hand 
  • Pain management 
  • Highly trained and compassionate Registered Nurses and Carers, with specific expertise 
  • Assistance with advance medication administration – IV fluids, Blood Transfusion, Catheterisation, TPN care, PEG feeds, NG/NJ tubing and others 

Our team is able to: 

  • Identify immediate needs 
  • Develop personalised care plans 
  • Provide concise but comprehensive reports 
  • Provide support and risk management plans 
  • Provide programmes of activity to encourage confidence and independence 
  • Access relevantly qualified professionals and specific expertise 

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Domestic Care

Our Care Workers can assist you with light household duties as part of your personal care. If you are able to complete these tasks yourself in order to maintain independence in your own home, our Care Workers can just be on hand to offer support with the following where required: 

  • Light household cleaning 
  • Laundry service 
  • Shopping and errands 
  • Medication collection  
  • Payment of bills 

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We receive many questions about using our Domiciliary Homecare Services. Read some of the most frequently asked.

Why choose IANS Home Care? IANS provide care in the home by care workers to assist someone with their daily life. Enabling people to remain at home helps them maintain their independence, comfort and contact with their local community. IANS Home Care is flexible, with just the right amount of assistance given at any one time. The service may be on a temporary, intermittent or long-term basis. 
How will my well-being be protected? All IANS Home Care workers are required to undergo initial induction training to make sure they are ready to provide care at home. All care workers go on to achieve recognised qualifications in care. Our care workers undergo a DBS check (disclosure and barring service), previously known as a CRB. All homecare agencies are required to register with their statutory regulator (in our case, the CQC) if they provide personal care. They are obliged to meet a high standard of service and undergo regular inspections from the local authority and the Care Quality Commission. IANS Home Care is required to comply fully with health and safety legislation to identify and minimise risks to people receiving care and their care workers. 
How much will care in my own home cost? Our prices are very competitive, with no minimum amounts or call-out rates. You only pay for what you need. Before agreeing a service with you, we will discuss a detailed breakdown of the services to be provided and the price we will charge. 
How is the level of care to be provided assessed?

Upon receiving a call from a potential client, an initial assessment of all the client’s needs is made, including both medical and non-medical (personal) needs. We engage with the client/client’s family to thoroughly understand the level of care expected from us. Our Care Manager will arrange a visit to discuss your needs further and to talk to you about how we can help. 

After conducting a thorough needs assessment, including gathering information from all the people that play a part in our client’s life socially or medically in order to provide a customised, tailor-made, client-centric service. We select appropriate carers based upon the need’s assessment conducted by our team. 

What do you mean by a ‘tailor-made’ care plan?

With clearly defined objectives, we devise a customised care package for each of our clients. We understand that each client is unique, and his/her needs are unique to them. Along-with providing care, we place a lot of emphasis upon the safety of the care provided to each of our clients. 


A customised Care Plan will be developed and agreed upon to ensure that we all know what we aim to achieve. Our Care Plans are not fixed or inflexible. We develop an ‘open’ Care Plan which means that our clients can choose what they want to do, and how and when they want to do it. 

We take on the daily responsibilities of providing care and ensuring that our clients remain safe and secure. We enable friends and families to spend quality time together enjoying the activities that they choose whilst we take care of the necessary daily duties and tasks. 

What happens if my needs change?

All care packages are continually assessed to ensure they are meeting the client’s needs. We liaise with clients, client family members and care workers and any required change in level of care provided is discussed with all parties and implemented. 

What training have your care workers received?

All our care workers receive a full induction to ensure they are ready and able to deliver care services. All care workers will work towards and attain their Diploma 2 in Health & Social care within their first 12 months of joining Care Counts.  

They also receive ongoing supervisions, appraisals and training included. 

  • Moving & handling 
  • Medication administration 
  • Infection control 
  • Health & Safety 
  • Food safety & hygiene 
  • Safeguarding of vulnerable adults 
  • Basic first aid 
  • Fire safety 
  • Equality & diversity 
  • Dementia awareness 
  • Record keeping 
  • Principles of care 
How will I know I can trust the care worker caring for me in my own home?

All of our care workers are fully checked. This means they have been interviewed by us, had their references checked and had a Disclosure & Barring Service check. They are fully trained before going out to work. Once working for us, they receive regular supervision and training. Most importantly, we will ask you what you think of your care workers, to ensure we maintain your happiness at all times. 

What training do your care workers receive?

All our care staff are professionally trained and have extensive experience in providing care. As part of IANS Home Care team, all our carers receive additional, comprehensive in-house training to ensure they meet the high standards that we set for all carers. In addition to this, all carers receive ‘on-the-job’ training to ensure the individual needs of our clients are attended to. Ongoing training and development, regular updates and careful management by our experienced Care Manager, all ensure that we consistently exceed industry standards, such as the Skills for Care recommendations. 

What quality monitoring/assurance systems are in place?

Our Care Manager has a wealth of experience in monitoring the provision of care and in seeing that everything is as it should be. We make regular telephone contact with our carers, clients and their representatives. We talk to our clients in confidence to ensure any concerns are raised. We build a relationship that promotes trust between us and our clients and ensure they are never worried about complaining. We have an on-call support line for clients and carers alike, so help and advice is available at all times, should it be required. We regularly conduct quality reviews with the clients to get their feedback and suggestions on the service they are receiving. 

What if I don’t like my care package or want to make some changes?

Our experience has taught us that the needs of a client change very often. This is why we review our care plans on a regular basis. We welcome any kind of feedback from the client’s family and are happy to incorporate it in the Care Plan.