Clint Bajada

Senior Carer, Philippines

“In a series of roller coaster rides, you need to hang on tight, keep on pushing, and learn from the crazy twists and turns. My name is Clint Bajada and my UK journey isn’t your everyday story. 

I entered the UK under a student visa back in 2019. Just like many other student visa holders, I’ve searched for countless ways to switch my visa and remain in the UK. I approached other solicitors and agencies before, but I did not get the support and services I need. I was left clueless on how to navigate my visa processing. On top of that, I’ve heard many disappointing stories of applicants getting scammed by agencies, so I became extra cautious in filtering service providers. 

Then, I found IANS on FB. My visa was nearing its expiry date, and the last thing I wanted was to go back to the Philippines. IANS created a clear pathway for me. My bumpy ride became smooth and hassle-free, thanks to their services. But what I will never forget is how they comforted me during the rockiest parts of my stay here. While other agencies left me with no support, IANS found realistic ways to solve every problem I had. The support I received was unimaginable.

After getting assurances from the Home Office to extend my stay here, IANS helped me secure a visa in just two months. But for me, what makes them stand out is not just their legal expertise. IANS is a company that cares for its applicants, and I know I made the right decision when I chose to trust their team. Two months. Two months was all it took for them to get me to where I am now--a UK visa holder ready to take on new adventures. And this time, it's for good.”

Clint Bajada Philippines



My student visa is nearing expiration & I needed professional help in switching my visa.


I learned about IANS through an FB ad. I visited their page and their site to check their credibility.


IANS gave me legal assistance and they guided me in every step of my journey.


In just two months after IANS processed my application, I immediately got my UK visa.



  • 23 JUL 2021 | UK VISA APPROVED

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