Christopher Lim

Registered Nurse, Philippines and Japan

"I am Christopher, and I am from the Philippines. I was working as an English teacher in Japan. I was working day and night. But there were not enough opportunities. My working condition was not improving. I was looking for a way to grow. I always wanted to work as a registered nurse in the UK. It was a dream.  

I talked to another agency – they agreed to help me. I was happy as I did not have a hospital experience. They told me to prepare for IELTS and CBT and if I pass both exams, they will help me. 

But then when the pandemic happened, they brutally told me that they won’t consider my application.  

I was disappointed.  

I kept my end of the deal, but they backed out. I tried many more agencies – every agency told me that they are not going to consider my application because I don’t have the right clinical experience to be a UKRN. 

Then I came across IANS Ad on Facebook.  

The moment I saw that IANS helped someone else, who had a work gap like me, I found hope in my situation.  

I knew IANS was the place for me. I am glad I was right. 

IANS understood my situation (my huge work gap) and provided me the right solutions.

IANS visa processing was smooth and efficient.

IANS was quick to connect  me connect with employers.

It took me two flights just to get out of Japan. It was not the easiest journey to make to the UK. But my journey to the UK would have been impossible without IANS’s support and help.

If you want to work as a registered nurse in the UK, IANS will find a way for you.  Attend IANS Registered Nurse MG Webinar to begin your UK journey."

Christopher Lim UK Visa Granted, Philippines and Japan



No agency helped me as I did not have hospital training. I had IELTS and CBT. But my huge work gap was a problem.


I saw an FB advert of IANS. I also checked  After checking their legitimacy, I attended their webinar.


IANS gave me the complete package -- from training to UK visa processing, they allowed me to prepare for my UK journey.


Shortly after joining IANS, I got incredible training that allowed me to secure a job offer and a UK work visa. I am in the UK right now.  


  • 05 Mar 2021 | JOINED IANS Registered Nurse WEBINAR

  • 26 APR 2021 | COS ASSIGNED

  • 10 MAY 2021 | VISA GRANTED

  • 27 MAY 2021 | ENTERED THE UK

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