Providing the gold standard of care, Family Support Care (FSC) is the light that brings hope to the community in Wiltshire. From providing help to those with learning disabilities to supporting the elderly population through reliable supported living services, FSC is rooted in its vision to create a therapeutic environment where everyone is treated with fairness and equality regardless of age or health conditions.  

FSC is led by Eric Fordjour, who has an extensive experience in working in the social care system. Eric’s proactive approach in healthcare and dedication to march forward brought FSC to where it is today—strong, adaptable, and revolutionary.  

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Over four years into the care sector, FSC continues to provide excellence to its service users through its dependable services. Unlike other care providers, it had high retention rates, with only around 2% of its staff leaving the company since it started. But the question for FSC wasn’t about retaining staff. It’s about adding more to the team, which became a challenging task.  

Realising the need for the business to grow and expand, Eric Fordjour tried other ways to grow his team, but recruitment is the struggle. He knew that international recruitment could give him the diversity and the quality of candidates he needs, so he tried applying for a sponsor license on his own. He said: 

“Recruitment in the care sector has dramatically declined. Although our retention rate is quite high, expansion is the main problem. No one was willing to take on the job.  

As a businessman, I wanted to save money by doing my sponsor application on my own. But because it is not my expertise and I did not understand most of the questions well, my application did not become successful. I’m quite lucky because I did not get a cooling off period even if I was refused.” 

Realising the need to get expert help, Eric approached agencies that can help him get a sponsor license, and that was the beginning of his journey to international recruitment with IANS.  




In under 10 weeks, FSC got their sponsor license approved and they now have over 200 applicants from all over the globe.  

Eric happily said, “If I could explain my experience with IANS, it’s like a baby-sitting process where we are bottle-fed. IANS walked us through the entire experience. Every step was explained to us. I was shocked that our application was done in a very fast and simple way, and it was so fantastic. They were always contacting us to make us understand what is going to happen. I didn’t just get the results I wanted. It came way ahead of time! It all went so smoothly, and I’m so grateful to IANS.” 




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