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  • the new NMC registration rules and processes for international nurses  
  • Special guide to preparing for OSCE and booking your OSCE exam
  • How to avoid delay in getting your NMC pin number after passing your OSCE 

  • Step by step guide in applying for the correct type of visa
  • Checklist of documents you need to support your visa application
  • 10 benefits of not relying on sponsor support to become a UK RN


  • Someone with IELTS/OET and CBT test pass certificates
  • If you have big or several gaps in your work experience
  • If you have attended interviews but never received a job offer
  • If you have been applying but have not been shortlisted for interviews
  • If you're newly qualified or lack relevant work experience
  • If your IELTS & CBT are nearing expiry dates


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Socrates Tiaga Jr. Registered nurse | Philippines

"I realised that if I didn’t believe and trust those who supported me just like IANS, I wouldn’t be able to get this opportunity."



Parity Muchimba Registered nurse | Zimbabwe
I really enjoy the webinar, it was what I hoping for and more. After the webinar, I would encourage people who has the same dreams like me to take action as time doesn't wait for anyone!


Vivian Yeboah-Awuah Registered nurse | Ghana
IANS is an agency that is genuinely interested in helping their clients and not just their money! 


Ranjit Singh Senior Carer | Philippines
IANS have a solution to every problem. I believe they are the answer to my prayers. Thank you for this informative session!


Amos Kipkwe Tarus Registered Nurse | Kenya

The webinar was an eye opener and it taught me to do things a different way that makes sense in the midst of the pandemic and I can achieve my goals of coming to the UK through an alternative route, without relying on an agent or a sponsor.


Chijioke Emmanuel Ono Registered Nurse | Nigeria

This is an excellent opportunity that will change your views on how to become a UK registered nurse through an excellent group of people who are willing to help you every step of the way and the opportunities Ian presented to us especially the training, were amazing.


Desiree Velez Registered Nurse | Canada

I would tell them that IANS is a very reputable company who can help them through the whole process because they have a specialised team that is very knowledgeable in every aspect of the journey towards being a UK RN and my experience gap is not a hindrance for me to reach my dream of being a nurse in the UK.


Kris Pearl Vinluan Registered Nurse | Philippines
It was indeed a realistic option especially for those with gap in their experience or those who are struggling to get an interview. On top of that the 3 step strategy and the IANS commitment to help us come to the UK as Registered Nurse has made me put trust in them.


May-Hellen Nkoyo Edem Registered nurse | Nigeria
I highly enjoyed this webinar as it informed me of many things I should know to become a UK RN and I would say that paying for this was worth it.


Odunayo Deborah Adejoke registered nurse | nigeria
Ian is down to earth and he relates with nurses very well. I need to be ready to work and study hard and Ian would do his best to help me to settle in the UK.


Angel Pitogo registered nurse | Philippines

Its worth it and was very informative. It can really help those who are having a hard time getting a reply from different agencies as well as addressing those who are not confident enough with regards to their working experience. I was relieved as not all hope was lost as the three-step process was introduced for us to attain our dreams.


May Rejoyce Ayunon registered nurse | Philippines
Thee webinar is an eye opener for those who want to go to UK immediately and for those who are still waiting for their applications. It also gives encouragement to other nurses to work abroad even though they have long work gaps like me. I have learnt to not be discouraged with my application in working to UK because I know IANS will help and they have a lot of possible routes and steps for me to be able to work on my dream job.