Tier 2 Internship

Tier 2 Internship 

Duration: 4 – 24 weeks
Location: London
Next start:  5 February 2019 
Training fee: £1,500 plus vat

IANS is delighted to bridge the gap between completing a degree in the UK and finding a job that offers Tier 2 sponsorship. This is an opportunity for international students and graduates to intern with employers who have sponsor licences and understand the value the contribution they bring to their businesses and therefore are offering sponsorship to successful interns at the end of the programme.

A Tier 2 internship will give you a chance to connect with Tier 2 sponsors and take advantage of those seeking your qualification and potentials and all you need to do during this internship is demonstrate that you have the attitude, skills and ambition to be part of a team that will grow their business. Our internship will provide you a local and real work experience that will develop your practical and soft skills which is what employers are looking for that are not usually available from the work placements or work experience offered by your university.

You will be able to understand what hiring managers are really looking for when filling their vacancies. You will gain insight to the key areas of operations of business in general and develop the skills you need to align your work planning and daily activities to meet the objectives of your prospective employers.

Please note that the first 4 weeks will be classroom based at our North London Training Centre and delivery will be a combination of lectures, workshops, presentations, discussions and portfolio development. The following 10 weeks will be unpaid internship where the remaining 10 weeks may be paid subject to what the specific sponsor is offering. Who is this training & Internship for?

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This is ideal for international students interested in extending their stay in the UK under a work visa sponsorship otherwise known as the Tier 2 category of the points based system (PBS). We work with businesses across all industries and most employers are identifying soft skills like communication, teamwork, time management, emotional intelligence, decision making, and leadership to be lacking in most graduates joining the workforce for the first time. These core skills are relatively absent in the traditional education model.

Our employers are prepared to offer Tier 2 sponsorship to candidates who are able to demonstrate an invaluable contribution to the company within an agreed period between 3 – 6 months. The companies we work with do not wish to discover how you intend to bring value in the future but will ask this question at the end of the opportunity given you through internship. This training will provide you tools, techniques and strategy which can help you secure sponsorship from day one.

Training Content & Internship Structure

Real reasons why Tier 2 licensed sponsors are reluctant to offer employment with sponsorship One to one career consultancy to identify available career opportunities that recognise your need of sponsorship Proven sponsorship prospecting techniques and sponsorship search Shadowing opportunities and on-the–job training with sponsor Soft and practical skills training

Soft Skill Workshops

This is ideal for those interested in extending their stay in the UK under a work visa sponsorship (Tier 2 Category) after completing their studies.

  • Customer service
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Networking
  • Personal branding
  • Resourcefulness and problem solving
  • Productivity and time management
  • Team work and collaboration
  • Sales and negotiation
  • Work ethics
Sectors and Industries
  • Business and Administration
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Creative Arts & Design
  • Law
  • Health & Social Care
  • Computer Science
  • Architecture, Building and Planning
  • Medicine and Dentistry
  • Education
  • Mass Communications
  • Age 18 above
  • Must be in the UK with a valid leave/visa
  • Must have leave to remain or visa with validity of not less than 6 months
  • Minimum English level of 6.5 overall score on IELTS Academic
  • Must have your own laptop to work on
  • Valid passport
  • Entry Clearance Visa
  • BRP Card
  • Copy of Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
  • Status letter from your Tier 4 Sponsor if international student
  • Letter of recommendation or references
  • IELTS Academic Certificate
  • Updated CV
  • NI number
  • Proof of address in the UK
Application Process

Register your interest and provide all required documents for eligibility assessment A telephone interview will be arranged to discuss details of our programme If accepted onto our programme, full payment of the training fee must be made When payment is received, training start date will be organised and agreed 4 weeks training commences and followed by internship/placement for


If you require accommodation while training with us for the first 4 weeks, we can offer our staff/trainee accommodation that is safe, comfortable to live in and within 2 miles from our training centre. By staying in our accommodation, you’ll get to meet and live with other trainees undertaking T2 internship with us. We offer a fully-furnished accommodation, some rooms are en-suite, and the property comes with a living room, dining room, access to Wi-Fi, garden, laundry, common room, storage and security gate. The cost is from £120 per person per week. You must advise us if you require accommodation assistance.

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Let's start with a quick conversation to learn more about each other and see how we can help you.


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