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Since 2010, IANS Solicitors have been helping migrants from inside and outside the UK with immigration matters. Whether its about students wishing to do their studies in the UK and switching to a Skilled Worker Visa or skilled workers outside the UK wishing to live and work in the UK through a sponsor, IANS Solicitors have done it all.

Are you missing your partner? Longing to be together but unable to due to special circumstances? We can help you. Spouse Visa, unmarried partners, same sex partners, etc., you name it, we can help you.

Do you want to start or expand your business to the UK? Let's get you a Start-up visa or an Innovator Visa with the help of our solicitors and expert business consultants.

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IANS Solicitors has been serving hundreds and hundreds of skilled worker applicants and dependents from all over the world in just the last 8 months. With over 40,000 skilled workers following us from outside of the UK waiting to get sponsorship from UK employers. Not only that, according to renowned sources now travel restrictions have been removed which means you can plan your staycation with your friends/family in the UK on a tourist visa. 

People travel to the UK for different purposes, some to visit families. Others for business meetings or some to expand their business in the UK. For every purpose of your travel, the UK has a different visa you need to apply for. There are different requirements and eligibility criteria that need to be considered for the same. Our legal experts can give you one-on-one consultation and help you fulfill your UK dreams.

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Germin Mohamed

Director & Head Solicitor

Germin Mohamed, director and head solicitor of IANS, has over a decade of post qualified experience. Her specialty lies in immigration, asylum, and human rights law. Over the years, she has provided unparalleled legal assistance that helped successfully close hundreds of cases, and she continues to take the lead by providing first-class legal services.  


Sukhvinder Singh Nara

Senior Solicitor

Sukhvinder Nara is a senior solicitor whose work is focused on Immigration and Nationality, Sponsor License and Skilled Worker Visa, Inter-Country Child Adoption, and Family Law. His legal expertise is rooted in his 16 years of experience as an advocate in India and 5 years of legal work as a Solicitor in England & Wales. A respected solicitor in the legal field, Sukhvinder provides proactive, law-based, and compassionate assistance to his clients, in and outside the UK. 


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Non-EEA citizens will require a visitor visa if they intend to enter the UK for a period of six months or less. The standard UK Visitor Visa can be used for a number of purposes including:

  • Visiting friends and family
  • Staying in the UK as a tourist
  • Accessing private medical treatment

There are also other types of visitor visas that may be more suitable for you. The Short-Term Study Visa is a student visitor visa that allows people to study in the country temporarily. The Business Visitor Visa allows foreign nationals to enter the UK temporarily to carry out business activities.

Visitor visas are issued for a period of six months and cannot be extended.  You can apply for a long-term visit visa for UK travel. These are available at an extra cost and can be held for a duration of two years, five years or ten years. The long-term visitor visa still restricts you to a maximum single visit of six months or less.

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With Sole Representative Visa, international companies can set up their branch offices or representative offices in the UK. The Visa is uniquely designed for overseas businesses required to expand their operations in the UK in just three weeks.

Sole Rep visa holders allowed to:

  • Work full time for the employer
  • Bring dependents to the UK 
  • Apply for visa extension
  • Apply for permission to settle permanently in the UK after five years

 The Sole Representative category can be extended multiple times along with the dependents, enabling the applicant and his or her family to continue to stay in the UK.

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This visa category is used by married couples who want to live together in the UK when one is a British national and another is from a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

Before sending an application for this visa category, you should ensure that you meet all the requirements. These are as follows (applying to the applicant, the non-EEA partner):

  • You are in a ‘genuine and subsisting relationship with a British citizen or settled person in the UK
  • You are married to them
  • You have physically met your partner at least once
  • You can prove your marriage is not for convenience or fraudulent, by demonstrating that your relationship is a genuine one
  • You can show evidence of the above requirements by providing proof of correspondence, time spent together, your marriage license, gifts, money exchanged, etc.
  • You meet the Financial, English, Accommodation requirements.

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You can apply for a student visa to study in the UK if you’re 16 or over and you:

  • have been offered a place on a course by a licensed student sponsor
  • have enough money to support yourself and pay for your course - the amount will vary depending on your circumstances
  • can speak, read, write and understand English
  • have consent from your parents if you’re 16 or 17 - you’ll need evidence of this when you apply

When you can apply depends on whether you’re applying from inside or outside the UK.

The earliest you can apply for a visa is 6 months before you start your course.

You’ll usually get a decision on your visa within 3 weeks.

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The UK Innovator Visa is a UK visa category usually for experienced businesspeople to set up an innovative business.  The investment requirement is £50,000 and you need to be endorsed by an endorsing body. Applicants are required to have an innovative, viable, and scalable business idea that is supported by an endorsing body.

Innovators must work entirely on developing their business ventures and may not take on other employment outside their business. This includes anything which effectively amounts to employment, such as using their own business to hire out their labor to another employer.

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UK Start-up Visa is for those starting a new business for the first time in the UK.

Applicants will not need to be graduates and will not need to have secured initial funding. 

Eligibility for UK Visa

  • Be 18 or over
  • The applicant genuinely intends to undertake and is capable of undertaking, any work or business activity in the UK stated in their application.
  • The applicant must have a B2 level of English language ability, as defined in the Council of Europe’s common European framework for language and learning.

Initial Leave (Visa)

Successful applicants will be granted 2 years’ leave.

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