Immigration Solicitors

25,600 - 35,637 per annum
40 hours per week
London N12 8QA

Posted on 13/01/2021 

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Qualifications and Experience


  • You will need to have at least three years’ experience of providing advice, casework and representation in and immigration law;
  • You will have strong work ethics, good delivery of work, ability to work in a fast-paced environment and a personality to match;
  • You will have an extensive experience and proven record of dealing with Points Based System applications, in particular Tier 2 entry clearance and leave to remain applications, sponsor licence applications and attending in compliance visits/audits;
  • You will be handling your own caseload of legal aid and private clients. This will be an interesting and diverse workload and the immigration paralegal/solicitor
  • Current Experience should include:

    · Spouse/Fiancé/unmarried partner in/out country applications

    · Indefinite Leave applications

    · All points based applications

    · Visitor Visas, Appeals

    · Sponsor Licence Applications

    · Sponsor Licence Representations/JR

Duties and Responsibilities


  • To provide advice, casework, and representation to clients on all aspects of immigration and nationality law. This is largely individual casework based;
  • Keep accurate and detailed case records and files for the continuity of casework, information retrieval, statistical monitoring, and report preparation;
  • To ensure that all advice and casework comply with all regulatory requirements;
  • Work flexibly with other staff to ensure effective work;
  • Contribute to the administration of the office to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the company;
  • Too keep up to date with the changes in relevant legislation;
  • To read the relevant asylum and immigration law reports and other relevant materials;
  • Ability to supervise other caseworkers and provide them with legal assistance as and when necessary;
  • The applicant will be expected to demonstrate advanced knowledge and experience of handling complicated non-asylum immigration cases in particular Points Based applications;
  • The applicant must be willing to travel to the regional offices at as and when required, this could be at short notice in order to meet client expectations.


"Applications for this role who require sponsorship to work in the UK will be considered alongside all other applications".


Members of our team are treated not as numbers but as people. We are welcoming and offer personal and professional development support.

T2 Sponsor Licence Holder This means we are in a position to accept applications from international applicants with the right skills and attitude.
Multicultural teams Our staff members come a wide range of different cultural backgrounds and joining our team will be a smooth transition for you
OPPORTUNITY TO TRAVEL OVERSEAS We do recruitment and immigration events overseas and you will have an opportunity to travel with a team.
Progression opportunity There's opportunity to be in a senior role and we offer bonus schemes based on performance.


The first step is to complete and submit an application to arrange a job interview. We are committed to respond to all applications.
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