Joyce Christopher

Senior Carer, India

What do you do when 2nd chances don’t knock on your door? 

My name is Joyce Christopher, and I’m a nurse in India. My UK journey before I joined IANS is nothing short of a bitter-sweet adventure. Over half a decade ago, I went to the UK under a student visa. My entire family is in the UK, and it was my greatest dream to permanently work there as a nurse. However, life didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. After getting a nursing degree in the University of West London, I was granted a work visa. To my disappointment, my employer’s license got revoked, so I had no choice but to go back to India, casting all my dreams aside. I felt so betrayed, and I didn’t know which direction to go.   

Five years passed and I was almost losing hope. “Will I ever get back to the UK?”, I asked myself countless times. One day, all my anxiety and inhibitions disappeared— it was the day I saw IANS’ FB advert and decided to register for their webinar. IANS kept all my skepticisms away because they didn’t just talk the talk. They walked the talk! They found bright, sophisticated solutions for me when everybody else didn’t. 

Joining IANS was a beautiful and magical ride. They offered me unparalleled help and support, and they paved all the roads that would lead me back to my family in the UK. Just three months later, my life-long goals were already right in front of me. I secured a certificate of sponsorship, and shortly after, I received my UK visa.  

Amazing won’t justify the work IANS has done for me. Their swift, flawless services made me who I am today.. A dreamer who is now ready to take my biggest steps in the UK.  

Joyce Christopher Senior Carer, India



Despite my nursing background, the IELTS test kept me from securing a job and a sponsorship in the UK. 


I saw IANS’ FB advert, so I asked my sister in the UK to make an inquiry in their London office to check their legitimacy. 


I joined IANS’ all-in-one program, where I received tremendous training and support. They prepared me for my job interview and visa processing. 


Just after 3 months, I got my certificate of sponsorship, and my visa shortly after that. I am now thrilled and excited to book my flight to the UK.  



  • 31 APR 2021 | COS ASSIGNED

  • 31 MAY 2021 | VISA SUBMITTED

  • 05 JUNE 2021 | VISA GRANTED

  •  03 JULY 2021 | ENTERED THE UK

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