Juvy Andrea Balmeo

Senior Carer, Philippines 


“Having to head back home to the Philippines from the UK as a student, and not achieving your goals you set out to do originally is probably the most heart-breaking thing anyone must endure. A feeling of despair sets over you. The college I was enrolled into had their license revoked by the Home Office and I had to return home. I wanted to go back to the UK again. With no one to turn to, I felt helpless. Until I turned to IANS.

I sought inspiration from watching Ria’s testimonial video, one of the first people to come from Philippines to UK through IANS and how quickly she made it to the UK. I began communicating through Facebook messenger to one of IANS friendly staff and decided to attend. I started building confidence the moment I attended the first webinar in April 2021.That same month I joined the momentum club, it was unbelievably fast! It was everything I imaged it to be.

Everyone around me said I was wasting my time. Since I’d overstayed, they said I wouldn’t be let back into the UK. I had no time for doubters and naysayers. IANS studied and reviewed my case carefully, end-to-end. Never once did I doubt when I applied, I waited patiently for the process to take hold. In under 6 months, I landed in the UK!

If you are goals oriented, trust and believe in a tried and tested process, IANS is it! They have managed the impossible and got me through, back into the UK. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it was possible, but I had faith in the process and haven’t looked back since. I have achieved what I set out to do and it’s all thanks to IANS!”

Juvy Andrea Philippines 
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I had overstayed on my student visa. I wanted to go back to the UK, but I was always in two minds. 


I saw an inspiring ad on a successful candidate who made it to the UK and I knew then and there, this was it.


I was guided and trained every step of the way from my webinar to the visa process meticulously.


There could only be one outcome. Landing on UK soil as a qualified Senior Carer in 6 months. 


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