Kriselle Abad

Senior Carer, Philippines


“If 2020 is a year of transition, the year that followed is a season of embracing change, finding new dreams, and building better opportunities. From working in the BPO industry for over two years, I made a huge career shift and followed a new pathway... the pathway that led me to the UK.  

My name is Kriselle Abad, a senior carer in the UK. I never realised that caring for others can be my profession, but I'm glad it now is. Immersing myself in my work placement and understanding care concepts moulded me into becoming a better person. The actual experience of looking after the disabled and the elderly is a huge eye-opener. None of this would’ve happened without IANS.  

Joining IANS’ Senior Carer Webinar is a magical experience. From the way they presented information to their clear route to the UK, IANS gave me the confidence I need to fully commit to becoming a senior carer. And now, I am eligible and I am confident of taking on this new role. 

If there is anything I’m grateful for about the pandemic, it’s how it changed my mindset and how it led me to IANS. From fantastic tutors to a comprehensive guide to migrating to the UK, IANS turned my anxiety into a world of opportunities. The progress I made in just a few months is incomparable, and I’m very excited and happy to now be a part of the healthcare industry, and of course, to know what it truly means to be a compassionate and person-centered senior carer.” 

Kriselle Abad Philippines



I worked outside the healthcare industry, so I didn’t know how to approach my application. I had no idea about migrating to UK.


A family member introduced me to IANS years ago, but it was only during the pandemic that I decided to attend their webinar.


IANS equipped me with both knowledge and experience. Their all-in-one services made me an eligible & confident senior carer.


In just a few months, I became a qualified senior carer and I got a UK sponsorship. IANS holistically prepared me for my role. 






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