Mary Ann Ruiz

Senior Carer, Philippines 


“For some, going with the flow means staying put and waiting for an apple to fall off a tree. But for me, I don’t just wait for life’s surprises. I go where opportunities take me. Half my life, I’ve been to diverse industries and different countries because I stop at nothing when it comes to achieving my dreams for my family. A single mom of three kids, I’m always up for new adventures and new ways to give my children a better life.

I’ve been working in Dubai for a decade, and although life here is good, I know it can be better. And by better, I mean a chance at getting long-term stability, which I can never get here in the UAE. I knew what I had to do. I knew it was most practical for me to move to a country that grants permanent residence, and that’s where IANS entered the picture.

I learned about IANS by word-of-mouth, and I’m glad I listened. IANS gave me all the learning tools that prepared me for my real-life clinical experience. They groomed me to become a compassionate senior carer, and now, my transformation is complete. In less than 5 months, I got a UK Visa and I am now here in the UK. Talk about lightning speed services and there you have it!


Because of IANS, the future is brighter for me, my kids, and my partner. I’m especially grateful for how they trained and supported me throughout my senior carer journey. From being in the real estate industry, I’m now in the business of taking care of people, and it’s all because of IANS’ fast and fluid services.”

Mary Ann Ruiz Philippines 



I know I won’t get permanent residence in the UAE, so I wanted to migrate to a country that can give me better security and stability.


I Iearned about IANS by word-of-mouth. My friend, who got successful through their program, convinced me to join their webinar.


IANS is the complete package. Their e-learning prepared me for my real-life practice, while their solicitors handled my visa processing.


It took IANS less than 5 months to transform me into an eligible senior carer. From being in real estate, I’m now a senior carer in the UK.


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