Driven by the mission to provide healthcare services with a heart, Medcom Personnel Limited has laid the groundwork for efficiency, reliability, and exceptional healthcare delivery. They are now one of the fastest-growing healthcare companies in the UK, with their services centered on placing qualified and compassionate healthcare professionals in both the public and private sectors across the country.  

Medcom is geared towards covering all healthcare gaps in Northern Ireland and England—and they do so with a pair of compassionate hands. They understand the need for providing individual, person-centred care, and they continuously provide unrivalled solutions to meet these needs.  

Medcom’s guarantee: a safe, welcoming environment where they can provide their clients the safety and peace of mind they deserve. They don’t just deliver care. They raise the bars higher by evolving, growing, and staying proactive in assessing every healthcare need.  




Medcom has been one of the UK’s leading healthcare providing companies. With operations across the UK, Medcom has established themselves in the heart of Harlow and Cambridgeshire, where they are working with the local councils.  

Even with the growing need Medcom was facing a recruitment crisis. 

Their biggest problem was that carers were not committed to Medcom’s business goals and values. Due to non-committed carers, Medcom could not meet their care packages target. They had clients waiting for them but not enough qualified and committed workers. 

The need for reliable healthcare personnel was growing more than ever.  

This is when they had an idea to hire senior carers from outside the UK.  

Medcom had a Sponsor licence since 2016, but they never used it. They had contacted different lawyers to help them understand the sponsorship process so Medcom can utilise the license and resolve their recruitment crisis. However, all the lawyers and agencies, left Medcom with more questions than answers. 

Fortunately, they were referred to IANS by another client. Irene Mtisi, Care Services Director of Medcom told us:

“The moment I spoke to IANS – it was fantastic, I tell you. It was in the middle of the pandemic, and they came as a team on Zoom, which meant they were serious. They demonstrated how we can effectively utilise our sponsor license. ” 



Medcom was amazed to find that IANS is a one-stop shop for all their healthcare solutions needs. Furthermore, they were impressed by how IANS provided not only recruitment solutions but had a team that provided immigration solutions.

Irene Mtisi, the Care Services Director of Medcom was really happy with IANS services and told us:

“Whenever I had any questions and queries, IANS account holders always replied immediately. They were always efficient and had solutions to all my problems. IANS delivered more than we promised.” 

“I have had other agencies and lawyers, but they were no communicative.  But with IANS they are always supporting our business. They not only do their due diligence, but they are also effective in their execution and go above and beyond for their clients. I remembered when we were having one of the issues, and they answered my call even at 8 PM”

Irene Mtisi, the Care Services Director of Medcom was really happy with IANS services and told us that IANS prepared Medcom well during the compliance visit from the UK Home Office. They made sure that we are ready and had all the documents at place. They never abandoned us.


True to Irene’s words, “You cannot grow your business without manpower.”  

IANS turned Medcom’s crisis into a huge business milestone by providing them with hands-on legal and immigration assistance. From training and guidance for compliance to overseas recruitment, IANS offered Medcom unique ways to grow their workforce, improve their staff retention rate, and increase their care package capacity. In just a few months after partnering with IANS, Medcom now has 15 confirmed sponsorship certificates, and they are welcoming overseas senior carers who would work for them for 3 years under a sponsorship license. The real deal: they received fantastic, on-going support for their legal requirements, and they are cutting huge money on recruitment costs. Only great things await Medcom now that their workforce is bigger, stronger, and more equipped to take on new healthcare challenges.  




Our clients enjoy access to a wide range of highly suitable and experienced skilled workers and are able to fill their vacancies within 4-6 weeks from start to finish.




Our clients enjoy an allocated team which includes an immigration solicitor who ensure that the organisation complies with their sponsor duties and has all the help it needs in requesting CoS, assigning them and submitting skilled worker visa applications.




All our senior carers undertake Care Standards through our blended e-learning, live sessions and work placements. Our applicants therefore come with Care Certificates and all the appropriate qualifications, skills and experience that you'll need to provide person-centred care.


Recruited 15 senior carers in 4 months
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Senior Carers

Watch the journey of one of the superstars we recruited for Medcom. All senior carers are  looked after & supported from the date they joined up to this day. No wonder everyone is happy to stay and complete their 3-year contract and sponsorship. 

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