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Learn how to overcome significant clinical gaps in your work experience within four weeks
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Fulfill all the immigration, professional registration, and sponsorship requirements
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Meet UK employers and sponsors in person at the event and find your opportunity
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  • We make your career move to the UK simple, easy and fast.

Come to the conference and become eligible, employable and visible.

One of the best decisions you will make this year that will change your life.





  • Friday, 16 December 2022
  • Saturday, 17 December 2022
10:45 AM
Registration opens
11:00 AM
Welcome Remarks

The conference begins 

11:10 AM
Keynote Address

Ian showcases how landscape of recruitment has changed

11:30 AM
Introduction of Sponsors

Meet over 20 healthcare companies that are using IANS services to provide care to their local communities 

12:00 NN
Speed Meet-up

Sponsors meet carers and nurses – nurses meet Sponsors

Watch videos of nurses and carers describing their skills, experience, personality and why they should be hired and offered sponsorship

12:30 PM
Introducing working as a nurse in the UK without a sponsor

Are you at the mercy of a recruitment agency or a sponsor so that without them, you are stuck in the process? We will introduce you to a unique approach where you will discover you can work as a nurse in the UK without any of them.

1:30 PM
Make your career profile stand out in the crowd.

Have you submitted hundreds of applications directly to employers and through agencies but have yet to get back to you? We will teach you three simple tweaks to get "Ah-ha" attention from employers.

2:30 PM
Discover what UK employers really want

As an applicant, you must define what your target employers need. As soon as you define that, a narrative comes to life. You can then write your CV and prepare for interviews that make sense to the employers.

04:30 PM
Your employers are looking for a caring nurse, not an academic

Many applicants feel they must have the most years of work experience or master's degree qualification to get ahead. But employers in the UK are not looking for qualifications; they're looking for a caring and competent nurse.

05:00 PM
Dictate your employment terms

Why is the minimum salary always central to the discussion of employment offers when you can position yourself to be dictating the terms of your employment? 

11:00 AM
Five must-haves for an effective CV
Want to know a secret that most people won't tell you? Anyone can apply to work as a nurse in the UK, directly or through agencies. Most people will say to you, "use this agency" or "apply here or there." While this overused strategy works, it is only for some. How about you learn the science behind migration success?
11:30 AM
Creating the perfect answers to interview questions
Words pick locks, and the right words can allow you to pick the lock inside somebody's brain to win their trust, make them like you, and offer you a sponsorship. But to do that, you need a powerful tool called script - a solid narrative consistent with your CV and what the UK employer really needs. 
12:00 PM
Why you need IANS and how to work with us
Now that you have a powerful narrative, your potential employer is curious about how you can bring them value and help them solve their problems. That's where IANS come in. We can connect you with those who want you.
12:30 PM
Move to the UK in four weeks, guaranteed
Ever wondered if it's possible to move to the UK within a short period? I'm sure most of your friends took months and months to complete the process. International recruitment takes time, a very long time. But we can teach you to eliminate all the gaps in the process to guarantee success in style.
1:00 PM
Multiply your offers, not your job applications
When it comes to nursing in the UK, being intentional is important. But finding an interested employer from overseas on every platform can feel close to impossible, especially for inexperienced applicants. You need ways to work smarter, not harder, and that's what you'll get from this conference.
2:00 PM
Two steps to a skilled worker visa
There are hundreds of immigration rules, and advice from different sources can be very confusing, especially if you have an adverse immigration history. Getting the application wrong is going to cost you your future. We can make this clear and straightforward for you: everything in two simple steps.
3:00 PM
Sponsors meet nurses – nurses meet Sponsors
4:00 PM
Closing of the event
  • Let's talk international recruitment

Come to the first International Nurses Conference and meet eligible & employable nurses you can hire the same day