All our candidates are eligible, experienced, available and have been rigorously vetted and ready to go.

TARGETED Your jobs are only seen by international carers & nurses looking to work in the UK or already in the UK seeking to change employment and sponsorship for better opportunities.
EXPERIENCED Only candidates with a minimum of one year's experience and who do not have big gaps & irrelevant experience in their employments have access to our job board. 
VETTED All applicants seeing your job opportunities have been vetted. This means they have passed IELTS, CBT and in some cases have NMC pin numbers already and ready to go.

All our candidates have either been trained OSCE/Care Certificate already or undergoing online training and are ready to sit their exams on arrival or on securing a test booking date.

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6.5M Website Visitors
28,564 Eligible CANDIDATES
10,618 Placed MIGRANTS


AdobeStock_242591083 6.5m Website visitors Be on edge by letting candidates know who you are, what your values are and why they should apply.  
AdobeStock_345097247 OVER 40,000 WORKERS DATABASE Add an engaging video and create a powerful messages direct to your ideal type of candidates.  
AdobeStock_291542517 OVER 28,000 ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS You can set your desired criteria and filter your search according to your unique recruitment needs.  
AdobeStock_82564983 DIRECT INBOX NOTIFICATIONS Your job posts are pushed directly to the inboxes of our applicants. They receive alerts as soon as new job posts are made on our site.  
AdobeStock_170275437 OPTION TO VIEW PROFILES

You have the option to view and review candidate profiles in addition to the traditional CV screening.



AdobeStock_191586959-1 POSTED ON CONNECTIANS Your jobs are posted on our website and on connectIANS©, the only private community platform for skilled workers.  


SINGLE AD £199.00
SINGLE AD £199.00

X1 Job per month



X6 Jobs per month


GROWTH PLAN £1,499.00
GROWTH PLAN £1,499.00

x12 Jobs per month




What are the benefits of posting our jobs on your website?

Amongst many - our website is visited monthly by over 184,000 visitors all of whom are international nurses looking for opportunities in the UK; We will create your own job page where you can showcase your company information, offers and vacancies. See here for an example of the page and your jobs are pushed directly to the inbox of our database of nurses.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN IANS SITE AND IANS JOB BOARD SITE? Our website shows all the services we offer and has dedicated pages for Tier 2 Sponsors to advertise their jobs and view nursing profiles whilst IANS Job Board is an online community platform designed for international and local nurses and carers to support them in their journey to work in the UK by offering them access to all the services they will require to realise their dream.
WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF POSTING OUR JOBS ON CONNECTIANS? connectIANS© is a private online community platform we have developed and created for international registered nurses. Candidates go through a rigorous screening and vetting process to join this community and therefore your jobs will again have an additional exposure not only to eligible nurses but also to those who have been screened and vetted rigorously, saving you time from receiving ineligible applications.
WHY IS YOUR COST MORE EXPENSIVE THAN MOST JOB BOARDS? This is because we are a niche job board with having an exclusive database of international registered nurses and carers where we guarantee that your advertisements will perform 200x better than other platforms who cater to a wide range of industries and sectors. With the impressive potentials of attracting eligible applicants over a short period of time will save you time and money from paying recruitment fees when using recruitment agencies to source candidates.
How to create an account? You can log in to and create your account or you can also reach out to our sales team at to learn more about our job board.
How many job post can I create and advertise? Depending on your subscription plan, you can post up to 12 job adverts at a time. Need to post more job vacancies? Simply purchase another plan to post more job vacancies.
What is the duration of my job post in your job board? Job posts will be visible in our job board for the next 30 days.
How do I make my job post stand out?

Providing all the necessary information regarding your job vacancy is one of the many ways to make sure your advert stands out. An attractive package will also attract more candidates to apply to your job post.

Additionally, you can contact us to make your current job post be part of our "Featured Jobs".

What if I don't have a Sponsor License? Can you still accept my job advertisement? Yes, of course. Our talent pool has both candidates inside and outside of the UK. If you are looking for part time workers, you can easily reach out to our members who are inside the UK. However, we strongly suggest that you get yourself a Sponsor License so that you are able to employ carers/nurses for a longer period of time that promotes consistency and loyalty.
There are specific fields I want to show in my job application post that will allow me to filter applicants better. How do I create those fields? You can simply reach out to and a member of our technical team should revert to you as soon as possible.
I am overwhelmed with the number of applications I am receiving. What should I do?

It is expected that you will receive hundreds of applications when using our job board. All applications you will receive are from eligible and employable candidates. They have complete documents and have the necessary skills, qualifications and experience requirement to satisfy the UK Immigration rules.

You can also avail our Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) product which will allow you to focus on growing your business rather than doing administrative tasks that will take up a chunk of your time. Know more about this service, here.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime? What happens to my access? Yes. You may cancel your subscription with us anytime. However, once your subscription is over, you will lose access to our platform and to all the information in your account.
What is your refund policy? We do not offer refunds. If you cancel your plan before the next renewal cycle, you will retain access to paid features until the end of your subscription period. When your subscription expires, you will lose access to paid features and all data associated with those features.
What if I want to post a job vacancy not related to health care? Our talent pool is a very diverse pool of candidates with various backgrounds and experience. You can go ahead and post any type of job vacancy you need for your business.


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