Preethy Joseph

Senior Carer, India
I heard about IANS with the help of my sister and aunt who works in the UK. It was a long time dream for me and my family to work in UK but the procedures seemed difficult especially to apply as a skilled worker visa for senior carer. I didn't have much of information or anyone who has speciality to help me about this. 
IANS helped me completed all the process, starting with the recruitment then visa process. I have not worked with any other agencies. IANS was my first agency and was the best.
My dream of working in the UK seemed to be impossible at the beginning, but with IANS it happened so fast just within 2 months. Now that I arrived in the UK with my family, I cannot describe how happy I am to achieve my dream together with my family besides me. 
I would recommended anyone who interested to work in the UK to seek help from IANS, because of their hospitable service and also there support throughout the journey! 
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Lack of knowledge and information how to apply a skilled visa as a senior carer position


A relative in UK introduced her to IANS, then reached out to us


Understanding her real challenges & applying under the new skilled worker visa


Found a sponsor and obtained the very first visa for a senior carer


  • 27 JAN 2021 | COS ASSIGNED

  • 27 JAN 2021 | VISA SUBMITTED

  • 22 FEB 2021 | VISA GRANTED

  • 29 Mar 2021 | ENTERED THE UK

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