Registered Nurse, Zimbabwe

Precious is from Zimbabwe and came to the UK as a Pre-Registered Nurses in December 2019. After passing her Objective Structured Clinical Examination, she obtained her NMC pin number in July 2020 and has since worked as a registered nurse. However, a large portion of her salary goes to paying an expensive monthly accommodation rent. She looked for a cheaper one but could not find a decent accommodation without costing her a fortune. She expected this problem to get worst when her spouse and 2 children join her in the UK.

Precious expressed these concerns to her previous sponsor but didn't get much help. It seemed that all they cared about was that she was reporting to the nursing home and working as a registered nurse. Outside the walls of her workplace, she was on her own.

She had been looking for help and was introduced to IANS by her friend that we assisted with relocation and changing of sponsorship. After Precious made contact, we put together a solution that will put her at a better position if she moves.

And we are very delighted to have achieved this with her over a short period of time.





Accommodation costs at current work location is too expensive which meant bringing over her family will cost her more, taking a big chunk from her wages just to put roof over their heads.

INTRODUCTION IANS was introduced by a friend who they assisted to find a new Tier 2 Sponsor due to the same issues I am experiencing and was delighted to know a reliable agency can help me with everything.
SOLUTION I needed to find a new sponsor in a location where accommodation costs is significantly lower and that I will get legal support to any contractual breach from my current sponsor for ending my employment pre-maturely.

IANS did their search and presented me with new opportunities meeting all my requirements. I was successful at one interview and my new sponsor like IANS is very supportive and understanding of my needs.

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Precious story: from misery to victory!

  • When did you hear about IANS and what was the problem you were hoping to solve?
     I am already working as a registered nurse but the accommodation costs was significantly expensive and a big chunk of my monthly wages was just going to monthly rent. This means paying more for a two-bedroom property when my family joins me from Zimbabwe. 



  • What was your experience like in working with IANS?
    I was of course concerned of the financial liability as a result of leaving my employment and sponsorship within a year but IANS has given me assurance of all the support I needed to meet my goals. Their expertise in the subject matter and everything around it is impressive. They also talk their walk by delivering the plan we agreed within a very fast timeline?



  • How has your situation improved?
    The list is endless but first they found me a very caring and supportive new sponsor. The salary offer was higher than my previous job and we are now living in a 3-bedroom house and my new working environment fosters personal and professional development. My husband and two children have now joined me and settling in really well in our new community.


  • During your experience, what was the thing you enjoyed the most?
    Majority of recruitment agencies I know of are good in making promises but only a few are able to deliver with excellence and within a fast time frame. IANS has surpassed my expectations and they are not only experts at what they do but also very reliable and caring and trustworthy in helping me from step one to finish. They were patient in responding to all my concerns and very creative in resolving my problems.


  • What would you say to other registered nurses who are not happy at their current sponsor but afraid of looking for a new opportunity because of contractual issues?
    Why stay miserable for the next 3 years if the situation you are in now is not what was described to you during job interview and offer and despite attempting these to be resolved with your manager, your concerns have always fallen on deaf ears.


  • Is there anything else you'd like others to know about IANS?
    IANS will listen and understand what you are trying to achieve, offer you both legal and practical advise and will create an impressive and creative solution in no time. Don't forget that things happen really fast with IANS when you give the signal.