Rangika Wijesinghe

Senior Carer, Sri Lanka 


"I had a decent job as a Pharmaceuticals Marketer in Sri Lanka and have always wanted to build a successful career in the UK. I wanted to go bigger and further and had always had the belief I could make it over there, but I had no idea where to begin. I tried countless agencies, spent so much time and money to no avail. I even applied for a student visa to the UK and luck would have it I heard about IANS. 

My prayers were answered when I heard about IANS through a relative of mine living in the UK. She asked me to stop pursuing the student visa and asked me to join the webinar instead, which I duly joined in August. They promised to bring me over within a span of 4-6 months. I was sceptical at first but astonished at the speed, by Nov I had so many parts of my process completed and was closer to my dreams than ever before. In Dec I got my visa!  

The road to UK was going to be bumpy they said, others said it was impossible. I was confident that my application process was being handled by an excellent team of experienced professionals whom I could reach out, day or night, any query I had, was answered. I knew the path with IANS was the right one. 

I am still at a loss for words, I am in the UK  and we’re looking for a house for my large family. I am looking forward to putting my children to school, put my feet up on the table after a day's work and still asking myself how I got here. It happened so fast; you won’t realise it until you land here. The feeling is surreal!"  

Rangika Wijesinghe Sri Lanka



My career in Pharmaceuticals was tanking. I knew I could do better if I moved to the UK, but the question was how?


Just by word of mouth I heard about IANS, attended their webinar and was convinced this was the genuine path to UK.


I had the full support and commitment from team IANS, as they took care of my process every step of the way.


I landed in the UK in complete shock. I had spent years looking for a way out and here I was for real,  in the UK.


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