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  • Let's talk international recruitment

Come to our Open Day & meet eligible & employable care workers you can hire the same day

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From discovering the real and practical benefits of being a Home Office-approved Sponsor, to establishing a new workforce from diverse backgrounds, to uncovering clear and simple steps of going international recruitment, to experiencing amazing and lasting recruitment results, IANS' Recruitment Open Day addresses current trends and urgent challenges brought about by healthcare shortage in the UK. Among many other topics, here's an initial glimpse at some of the things you can expect from the event.

  • International Recruitment Open Day Programme. Friday, 16 September 2022
10:45 AM
Registration opens
11:00 AM
Welcome Remarks

The recruitment open day begins 

11:10 AM
Keynote Address

Germin Mohamed showcases how landscape of recruitment has changed

11:30 AM
Introduction of Key Sponsors

Meet over 20 healthcare companies that are using IANS services to provide care to their local communities 

12:00 NN
Speed Meet-up

Sponsors meet carers and nurses – nurses meet Sponsors

Watch videos of nurses and carers describing their skills, experience, personality and why they should be hired and offered sponsorship

12:30 PM
Sponsor Licence: Application, Compliance and SMS

Discover the secrets of how IANS Solicitors has been helping clients get sponsor license and manage their compliance. Meet a care provider, whose sponsor licence was rejected by the home office but got the sponsor license in just 3 Days after coming to IANS

1:30 PM
Let’s Talk International Recruitment

Witness how multiple care providers benefitted from swift and quality recruitment of carers and nurses. In this power packed session, meet a homecare provider, who benefitted from our swift recruitment process and provided timely care to their community

2:30 PM
Train for Success: OSCE, Care Standards and English Language

Learn the impact of our OSCE, care standard, IELTS/OET training services that are helping the care businesses grow 100X in less than 6 months. Meet both the care providers, and carers who have benefited from the quality training services 

04:30 PM
Panel of sponsors

Watch live feedback from Six Care Providers about the quality of candidates they met today and whether the applicants met their needs. 

05:00 PM
Launch of CareconnectIANS

Launch of a new community to take your care business to new growth and opportunities. 

  • Let's talk international recruitment

Come to our Open Day & meet eligible & employable care workers you can hire the same day

Click the link to learn how to get 6 months FREE recruitment fee! 

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