Richard Ighedosa

Senior Carer, Nigeria


“The greatest opportunities in life almost always come in the most unexpected times. And like any other adventure-seeking and career-focused individual, I took the chance with great vigour even if it involves a critical career shift - from being an engineer to becoming an essential healthcare worker.  My name is Richard Ighedosa, a happily married man with two beautiful kids. I’m from Nigeria and this is my story. 

I grew up with many skills and talents up my sleeve. I can sing my heart out to any tune or dance my way to a better mood but fixing things is my bread and butter. I am an engineer who’s been looking for ways to get my family to a place where I do not have to worry about my family’s future. I have considered  agencies  in the past and received nothing but empty promises and false hopes. After paying a huge amount, my last agency gave me an impossible list of requirements and ended up with nothing. 

Imagine my happiness when I discovered IANS and its magic! I did some research after I heard it from my in-laws in the UK, and  straight away, I dove right in. The testimonials in their webpage itself already speak for their reputation. I did not have any medical training background, not the slightest bit. But through IANS, I received the right training that made me an eligible senior carer.  

The whole experience was a seamless process. The only job interview I’ve had in my whole life yielded good results, too! All of it was because of the support I have received from IANS team.  I am well aware of the challenges that await in the UK, but I know I have been trained and I am fully equipped with the right knowledge so I am nowhere intimated at facing these difficulties.” 

Richard Ighedosa Nigeria
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I have no healthcare background. I also had some bad experiences with agencies that claim they are able to help me and my family migrate to the UK. 


My in-laws in the UK informed me about IANS and how they are helping a lot of people with the same situation as mine, some cases even worse. 


IANS helped me build the knowledge and the experience I needed. Their services made me a confident and eligible senior carer.


In just a few months, I became a senior carer and secured a UK sponsorship. IANS prepared me overall for my role in this new industry.





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