Sandhya Joseph

Senior Carer, India

“From a corporate background to a senior carer, my life’s journey from India to UK has been nothing short of transformational. I was banned from the UK for 10 years. I had 2 children and needed to forge a future for them even though we lived a moderate lifestyle. I came to the UK hoping to finish my degree, get a job but I could not complete my studies. I had to return home abruptly in 2009 after an agent I hired in UK to handle my paperwork submitted non-genuine documents. I was devastated. Back then I could not switch from tier 4 to a tier 2 visa which is now called the skilled worker visa. So, my problems were compounded by issue after issue.  

For the next 12 years I had the dream of coming to the UK, but I didn’t know how. It was then in Feb 2021 my sister living in Kent, UK gave me a ring one fine day and said there was an opportunity to come back to the UK. Their name was IANS, and they will work for you, she said, I was so happy! I joined the webinar in February and the rest is history. 

I was not confident at first but when they began the process and investigation into my history. I knew then and there that I was in safe hands. Mine was a very delicate case. They were professional in their approach, and this only reassured me further. 

If you are on the fence or have had issues with your visa to the UK before, I am proof that you can overcome anything. I'm now in the UK with my family and I get to see both my sisters in Kent and Liverpool. I owe all of this to IANS and their professionalism.” 

Sandhya Joseph India



I was not allowed to return to the UK for 10 years leaving me no hope, but now how do I go back to the UK. 


My sister’s call one day changed my entire life when she said I can come back to the UK through IANS


IANS were meticulous in studying my case history and looking at all possible avenues, ensuring success at every step


After a gap of nearly 13 years I feel like I have come back home where I belong, safe and sound to the UK.


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