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FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT ENDED On 31 Dec 2020, at 11:00 PM, freedom of movement between the UK and the EU ended and the Points Based System began for all non-UK workers including EU nationals.
T2 SPONSORSHIP BEGINS All skilled workers, who are non-UK citizens need Tier 2 Skilled Worker Sponsorship and you must have a sponsor licence to be able to offer employment to this group of workers.
ANTICIPATE CERTAINTY With the restrictions and uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, and imploding UK health sector crises, securing your licence now will help in your workforce planning.

Recruit Overseas and build your workforce locally. Sponsor dedicated highly-skilled workers, who will help you grow your business, and stay with you for 5 years.


Meet few of our Care Provider clients, whose businesses sky-rocketed post IANS Sponsor License Service and Comprehensive Post-license Management support

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Find out how Ashdale Care Homes got the sponsor license and hired nurses for  long-term
Learn how MT Supported Living acquired care packages worth £1million
6.5M Website Visitors
28,564 Eligible CANDIDATES
10,618 Placed MIGRANTS
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AdobeStock_334683292-1 POINTS BASED SYSTEM EXPERTS We have dealt with all types of industries, settings, applications, requirements, changes and problems since its introduction in 2008.  
AdobeStock_195468894-1 FIXED PROFESSIONAL FEES We agree our fixed professional fee regardless of countless hours it takes us to get your sponsor licence approved from start to finish.  
AdobeStock_257424094 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE If your sponsor licence is rejected on account of our fault then we offer you a full money back guarantee of our professional fees.  
AdobeStock_179454033-1 3 DAYS TURNAROUND TIME Our promise is simple - 3 days to submit your application after providing all the information and documentation you need to support your application.  
AdobeStock_242758373-1 SOLICITOR ON UKVI VISIT One of our senior immigration solicitors will be present at your Home Office visit for no additional professional fee, giving you peace of mind.  
AdobeStock_216710488 OPTION TO HIRE MIGRANTS As we offer a full service, you have the option to advertise your hard to fill vacancies on our platform and find your next T2 migrant even before your grant of licence.  
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We offer each service as a stand alone or the option to use all services for a reduced package. Ask for a custom here.


£4,875.00 / licence

Price does not include VAT



£2,300.00 / licence

Price does not include VAT



£1,380.00 / year

Price does not include VAT




What is a Sponsor License?

A Sponsor License allows you to employ migrants who does not have the right to work in the UK. You must submit an application for your Sponsor License to the Home Office and get an approval before being able to employ overseas workers.

How long it takes to get a decision?

Most applications are dealt with in less than 8 weeks. UKVI may need to visit your business.

You may be able to pay an extra £500 to get a decision within 10 working days. This service is limited to a small number of applications every working day. Faster decisions are allocated in the order that requests arrive (first come, first served).

You’ll be told how to ask for a faster decision after you apply.

How do you Sponsor a worker?

You must assign a valid Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) to the worker so they can make a successful immigration application. You will have to pay a fee to assign a CoS and (in the case of Skilled Workers and Senior or Specialist workers), pay the Immigration Skills Charge.

What are the advantages of having a sponsor license? Having a Sponsor License allows you to employ migrants who are both inside and outside of the UK. This will help you expand your business and be able to increase your capacity to deliver more care packages.
Who needs to be Sponsored?

You will need to sponsor any overseas worker you wish to employ if they are not a ‘settled worker’ or do not otherwise have the appropriate immigration permission to work for you in the UK.

This can cover individuals who are currently in the UK and on a Student Visa who wants to work full-time. Individuals who are outside of the UK with no right to stay or work in the UK.

I have only one employee, am i eligible to apply? Yes you are provided you meet all the requirements.
I have not been trading for over 18 months, can i apply? Yes you are eligible to apply but must provide additional evidence that you meet the sponsor requirements.
What are my duties and responsibilities as a Sponsor?

You are responsible for checking that your sponsored workers carry out the role for which they are being sponsored and for monitoring their attendance. You must tell us if they don’t turn up for work, are absent without permission, or there are significant changes to their employment or to your organisation.

You must also keep records for each worker you sponsor – see Appendix D. This includes evidence of any recruitment activity you have undertaken to fill the role, even if you were not required to carry out a formal resident labour market test.

My sponsor licence was revoked before, can I still apply? Yes you can after the cooling period of 12 months.
My sponsor licence was refused before, can i apply again? Yes you can after the cooling off period of 6 months.
How can IANS help me get my Sponsor License?

IANS Solicitors is a firm regulated by the SRA and has more than a decade of experience in providing legal services to different types of clients.

Our solicitors are more than able to provide you services that will give you 100% confidence in submitting your sponsor license application.

Reach out to us here.


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