With a vision to deliver consistent care across Northern Ireland, Support Care puts its end-users at the heart of its services. Its unparalleled support and care greatly reflect its ethos and strong principles.  

In 2013, the company started providing support to private sectors and communities, where it continued to grow its workforce and its user base. Complete with registered nurses, care assistants, and senior carers, Support Care delivers a diverse range of services created to address the specific needs of every person receiving its care.  

As it marches forward, this domiciliary care agency puts fresh and innovative strategies on board to continue providing its promise: the delivery of consistent care to its community. With the right skillsets, qualifications, and experience, Support Care guarantees reliable care services fit for its client’s specific wants and needs. The kind of care you want.. the care with a heart.  

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Just a few years after its launch, Support Care rose as one of the top domiciliary care providers not just in Belfast, but in Northern Ireland. Its reliability and its commitment to deliver round-the-clock services made it one of the most trusted care agencies within the community.  

But just as demands grow, its need for competent and credible senior carers also increased. Support Care tried all job boards to fill their workforce gaps, but they ended up losing a lot of money without getting their desired results. Months later, help was still to no avail, and they cannot find senior carers who are committed to their vision. They either hired staff who would leave after two to three weeks into the role, or they turned down underqualified applicants who cannot deliver the quality of care they promised their end-users. A waste of time, effort, and money, both led them to a dead end.  

With staffing shortage and problems with retention affecting Support Care’s packages, they knew they had to find an innovative approach that can solve their recruitment problems. After years of trial-and-error, Support Care found the missing piece to their business success—IANS’ all-in-one recruitment services.  

IANS not only gave them clear solutions. Our team followed through by supporting them in their sponsor license application and management, as well as international recruitment of qualified and eligible senior carers who can work for them for 3-5 years. And just four months after joining IANS, Support Care was able to strengthen their workforce, increase their care packages, and save on long-term recruitment and training costs. 


International recruitment is the way forward, but the only way it can add real business value is by finding the right service provider who can help you simplify complex processes.  

Packed with knowledge, skills, and legal expertise, IANS gave Support Care all-in-one-services that brought them undeniable business leverage. Support Care’s frustrating hit-or-miss approach turned into a success story in just 4 months. Not only did they get a sponsorship license, but they were also able to recruit 37 eligible and competent senior carers who are committed to providing them quality services for a minimum of 3 years. All these healthcare providers were trained by IANS’ professional team, ensuring Support Care a strong and healthy workforce.  

From sponsorship application and management to international recruitment, IANS has set Support Care up for success. Now, only a bright future awaits their team.  




Our clients enjoy access to a wide range of highly suitable and experienced skilled workers and are able to fill their vacancies within 4-6 weeks from start to finish.




Our clients enjoy an allocated team which includes an immigration solicitor who ensure that the organisation complies with their sponsor duties and has all the help it needs in requesting CoS, assigning them and submitting skilled worker visa applications.




All our senior carers undertake Care Standards through our blended e-learning, live sessions and work placements. Our applicants therefore come with Care Certificates and all the appropriate qualifications, skills and experience that you'll need to provide person-centred care.


Recruited 15 senior carers in 4 months
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Senior Carers

All senior carers are  looked after & supported from the date they joined up to this day. No wonder everyone is happy to stay and complete their 3-year contract and sponsorship with Support Care.

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