• Where and how to recruit during the pandemic 
  • Special guide to preparing your international nurses for OSCE
  • How to avoid delay in getting your international nurses in 
  • Step by step guide in applying for Defined CoSs
  • Strategy in obtaining NMC pin number within 2 weeks of joining you
  • The actual savings you'll make because of the speed of our process


  • A care provider who is unable to recruit nurses locally
  • Or finding it difficult to recruit form overseas
  • Or there's a long delay in your current recruitment
  • You wish to eliminate your agency spend
  • You require more staff due to the challenges of isolation
  • You require more nurses to grow your business

Let's talk fast recruitment of pinned nurses

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Cathryn Fairhurst Chief Operating Officer - New Care Homes

"The speed of the process is amazing although sometimes you catch your breath.  The team are fabulous and very knowledgeable and helpful. They literally walk me through the process. "


Amy Wolverson Head of Recruitment Group - Select Healthcare Group

"IANS group has promised us a 4-6 weeks recruitment guarantee, and they have completely delivered upon their commitment. Having all of the services under one roof of IANS is perfect and easy for me, I know that I could rely on them for the whole immigration, recruitment and training processes."

Suzanne Scholz Registered Manager - The Hamptons Care Centre

"I spent over 20,000 pounds on agency nurses in July, so when IANS nurses coming in, it costs me half of the amount of that money. Plus, I got the reliable nurses, which I can train them all the way I want with my care home."