Vikash Saini

Driver, India

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! So, the saying goes. Hardship and adversity go hand in hand. I watched helplessly as my partner Raveena was struggling with the expiry of her student visa due in Jan 2022 for renewal. I was dependent on her. Our fates were intertwined. Our baby was born in the UK during our stay here on a student visa. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Returning to India was simply not an option.  

We were referred to IANS through our friend and at first, we were sceptical. We Joined the SL hybrid event webinar in Nov 2021 online, joined the momentum club the following month and the Sponsorship approved in the new year of Jan 2022. IANS was very quick, they guided us every step of the way. Sat down with us both, assessed our situation and offered all solutions. Once my wife moved to a skilled worker visa, we were both relieved. As a dependent I was free to pursue my dream.  

I’ve always loved driving but driving back home in India is cumbersome. The traffic is insufferable, mediocre pay and there is hardly any career path. In the UK it is a dream job. You are respected, the pay is fabulous, and the future is bright. How could I refuse an offer such as this. As a dependant applicant I was freed to fulfil my dream job. I was overjoyed when I got my visa too as IANS hired me as a driver. The world had become my oyster. 

I’ve encouraged so many of my friends to join the momentum club successfully using my success story as the platform. I have such a wonderful feeling living in the UK, it’s fantastic, my whole family is here with me. I am blessed to be part of this amazing team IANS. "

Vikash Saini India



I was dependant on my partner’s student visa, which was expiring fast, and I needed hope, help and a solution.


Like godsend, I was referred to IANS through a friend. I joined the webinar along with my partner and so began our story.


IANS is a hub that networks sponsors, employers, trainers and much more, all in one place under a single roof.


IANS pulled me and my family out of the cauldron and settled me onto greener pastures. Life is beautiful now.


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