With your wealth of experience and expertise, the shortage of medical professionals within the NHS could be one step closer to resolution if you follow your dream to come and work in the UK. Alongside working for the biggest medical organisation in the world, you can offer your family a stable home in a thriving country.

We operate ethical recruitment solutions, placing equal importance on business needs and client dreams

Within 3 months, we can meet you in the UK, ready to embark on your new career with an employer we have carefully handpicked with you.

To get you here, we’ll navigate you through the visa process, ensuring your application is error free, as well as providing remote training to ensure initial qualifying examinations are stress free and passed first time.

Our services to candidates are FREE - your sponsor covers all costs.


Let us find your sponsor now

As you settle into life in the UK, we will guide you through the final stages of professional registration, offering training or examination practice to guarantee you maintain our 100% success rate.

How your journey will look:
  • Dream of a life working in the UK
  • Call IAN Services
  • Peruse a variety of exciting roles across different sectors throughout the UK
  • Allow IAN Services to negotiate your fully sponsored dream role
  • Jointly complete your VISA application
  • Sit & pass the IELT
  • Begin NMC eligibility process
  • Sit & pass CBT
  • Fly over to UK and begin working in your dream job
  • With IANS help, prepare for and pass the final OSCE exam
  • Gain full professional registration and settle into life in the UK