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The continual increase of life expectancy within the UK populace is driving demand for a greater volume and choice of high quality assisted living facilities and care homes. With this comes the inevitable challenge of recruiting and retaining highly skilled medical staff, whilst avoiding the crushing weight of agency premiums and inconvenience of short term work placements.

We offer an Immigration Policy advisory service to care homes, eliminating the threat of non-compliance, staffing upheaval and potential deportation of non EEA staff

Recruiting international staff from outside the EEA can offer a quicker, more cost effective solution to staffing deficits than other traditional routes, but the complex immigration process and constantly evolving professional registration requirements can see around 45% of potential employees refused entry into the UK, usually due to administrational errors or lack of examination practice, losing £50,000 for every 10 international staff employed.


Having mastered the immigration process, we reduce the international recruitment timeline by 9 months, with vacancies filled in just 12 weeks

IANS offer its partnership trusts a fail-safe avenue for successful recruitment. The staff brought into the UK in the last 6 months have achieved a 98% first time pass, and 100% in their second sitting, resulting in no negative financial implications for the employing organisations.

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