Abiodun Abdulhussein

Senior Carer, UAE

“Proud to be a woman of colour who embraces equality and diversity, I aim to build a home that celebrates me and my family—a home where we’d feel accepted. My name is Abiodun, and this is how IANS turned my UK dreams into a success story.  

Life back home was good until it wasn’t when the pandemic happened. A bold move to Dubai became my band-aid solution when I got scammed by a UK agency. Thousands of wasted money and two years later, I found IANS through IG. I had no expectations when I walked into their hybrid F2F event, but now, I’m walking out of their office with a UK visa and a new-found opportunity for my family.   

What has drawn me to IANS is their sincerity. I didn’t feel like they are just after my money. None of the agencies I approached before talked about training me to be eligible and employable like they did. They sounded real and they are real, and my UK visa is testimony! 

What's more, I’ll never forget how IANS changed my mentality about relating with people. They pushed me to be a better version of myself and they helped me discover my passion in looking after the elderly. Even during our interview, they were there to help us by giving us a new approach in answering questions. IANS is not just a company. They’re a team that will make sure you’ll succeed.” 

Abiodun Abdulhussein Dubai, United Arab Emirates



I was scammed by an agency before and I don't have any healthcare background.


I found IANS through IG. Then, I decided to attend their F2F event. 


IANS is the complete package. They gave me trainings and guided me from day 1.


5 months after I joined IANS' program, I already got a UK visa!

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