Established in 1987


Turfcote provides individually tailored care services to our residents including personal care, nursing care and a separate unit which offers specialist dementia care. Respite and day care is offered across all disciplines.

All residents benefit from friendly, qualified and dedicated staff providing the very best in 24 hour a day support.

Their commitment to be ‘fit for the future’ is reflected in the continuous refurbishment and maintenance of Turfcote. They will continue to innovate in our approach to ensure that residents get the best possible services and are provided with a safe, supportive environment that combines physical and mental stimulation with calm whilst preserving their privacy, dignity, individuality and health.

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James Page, the Director of Turfcote Nursing Home told us that

Turfcote is a 76-bed registered care with Nursing Home. Two units, one for general residential and Nursing and the other a Dementia unit for dementia and nursing dementia…both units are led by a Nurse team leader…and there lies our problem…the shortage of nurses. We have a good long-term relationship with our temporary Agency provider, but they can never contribute as much as regular staff who know the patient from admission. During the pandemic, the lack of job insecurity in the industry allows some to perform less than optimum and when any pressure is applied then they can easily move on. This affects staff morale for those loyal members and increases their burden.

He also explained what drove him to seek out a partnership with IANS.

A supply of nurses with the commitment to stay with us. We must get on the front foot rather than continually fire fighting to cover the shifts. When the UK government lifted the restrictions on Worldwide Recruitment, we immediately applied for our Sponsor Licence with the intention of returning to the wider market. Whilst discussing my intentions IANS name was mentioned during the meeting. 


There are some pain points he was experiencing...

We cannot drive performance if we do not have the commitment from staff. we are willing to train and support. There are changes in the NHS and we need to have the confidence that we can consistently deliver contractual obligations and that requires long term commitment. We need staff to stay to learn the intricacies of our operation and support our service users; to deliver the service that patients should expect.

We have had good experience in the past with overseas recruitment but when the Government restricted access and dove our recruiters to Europe it narrowed our scope. At first these EU Nurses and Careers were of high calibre and commitment; but more recently they have learnt how easily it is to ‘’dip in and out of UK’ to pick up a short-term contract and of course we lose the commitment and continuity.

It takes more than just a PIN number to perform efficiently and give a person cantered approach. We are willing to train new starters, but it does take time before we see that contribution making a difference. It can be upsetting to more junior staff when they are the ones delivering that care. Of course, we cannot rely on the few long serving team players. We have also to consider succession planning when these long serving members finally retire.


Thankfully after his colleague mentioned IANS name, James looked us up on Google and book a meeting with our director and immigration team for Sponsorship Application Services, but what we deliver is more than he expected. 

Our experience from the very first point of contact has been surprising. We had become used to accepting whatever was offered that the experience with IANS has been a breath of fresh air……more having a partner than a mere recruitment.

IANS provided Turfcote all the services they require from applying Sponsor Licence, to allow them to sourcing high quality and committed international nurses to the UK. Then bringing them into the country within 4 weeks and to providing OSCE training to these successful candidates which allowed them to sit their exams and passing at first attempt and finally achieving full registration with the NMC where all of these migrants are now working as Registered Nurses. Retaining these nurses for over a year now and for another two years under the sponsorship arrangements are just icing on the cake.

Turfcote has been involved with the NHS projects for many years which have only been disrupted by the Pandemic. The next phase will begin soon; as the NHS will want to put plans in place for next winter and service their outstanding elective responsibilities during the summer lull. Turfcote wishes to be part of that next phase. We have ambitions to go completely digital with our care planning and medications which can only be achieved with a dependable staff base. This implementation will help to admit and discharge patient flow in a timely and safe manner. Information sharing made easier. We have also to address the succession planning issues as our long-term loyal staff approach retirement. The help from IANS for new recruits is a very good start for us.


Speaking about the much money we have been saving for you? 

I haven’t quantified I, but it will be a lot of money. It’s not about the money. I can’t operate and deliver services and keep this business going with only agency. I have to have a consistent and reliable stand. The reassurance that we had a ‘partner’ on board taking over an important part as we faced the challenges increased by the pandemic. 





This solution includes identifying suitable and high quality candidates that match Turfcote's recruitment and role requirements, arranging interviews, arranging DBS checks and supporting them in induction and onboarding to ensure candidates have a positive joining and settling in experience.




This solution includes applying for Turfcote's Tier2 Sponsor Licence, supporting them with UKVI's compliance visit and audits, assisting them with assigning Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) for each migrant and submitting Tier 2 visa applications of successful candidates.




This solution includes providing two weeks intensive OSCE training upon arrival into the country of the candidates, arranging their examination dates within 4 weeks of entering the UK to guarantee fast NMC registration to work as registered nurses, removing reliance on agency nurses.


Sponsor Licence GRANTED in 4 weeks


Here are the superstars we recruited for Turfcote Care & Nursing Home and they are all looked after & supported from the date they joined up to this day. No wonder everyone is happy to stay and complete their 3-year contract and sponsorship. 

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