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What Our Clients Say



What is a Skilled Worker Visa?  The Skilled Worker Visa replaced UK’s Tier 2 Work Visa. It allows overseas applicants to work in the UK under a Home-Approved employer. Of course, the job should fall under the eligible skilled occupation list released by the UK government.
Who would qualify as a senior carer? The senior carer role is open to nurses and other professionals who would like to switch to this profession. 
I’m an aspiring UKRN but I did not meet the required IELTS score. Am I eligible to apply as a senior carer in the UK? Yes. IANS will not let any difficulty stand in your way. We have all the solutions to your problems, and we are here to support you in your journey to the UK. 
I have no medical background. Can I be qualified as a senior carer? Yes.  At IANS, you will get the right training to gain your skills, qualifications and experience requirements that will satisfy the UK immigration rules.
Is there any age limit on applicants? You must be 18 and above. There is no upper limit, but we take the call based on your qualification.
Can undergraduates be qualified as a senior carer? Yes.
Can IANS help me find a sponsor? Yes. IANS can help you get connected to a wide network of sponsors in the UK.
What are the different payment methods for the webinar and Momentum Club and how can I pay?

IANS has a systematized online facility that receives online payment using your debit or credit card, regardless of your country of residence. You just have to make sure that your bank allows international online transactions and that your purchase limit meets the amount you need to pay on a monthly basis. If these payment channels don’t work for you, you can make a direct bank deposit by contacting our support team for our bank details.  

What does SC Momentum fee include? The fee for joining our SC Momentum Club includes Care Standards Live Session (CSLS), IELTS Preparation Training, and visa processing. Our Momentum Club also aims to help you find sponsors in the UK. We train you for your interviews and help you get connected to Home Office-approved sponsors that can immediately assign you a COS.  
Do I need to meet certain criteria before registering for the webinar? For instance, for the webinar for registered nurses, do I have to present other qualifications other than being a registered nurse? Generally, we don’t have any criteria/qualifications for our attendees. Here at IANS, our goal is to provide all of you the opportunity to work in the UK regardless of your professional/occupational backgrounds. Our account managers are responsible for helping you find the hybrid event that best matches your qualifications. If you need more assistance, you can message us on FB or IG.  
Is this service only for registered nurses?   No, our services are not exclusive to registered nurses. We cater to everybody.
I am a member of the European Union. Do I still need to apply? Yes. Following Brexit, members of the European Union still need to secure a Skilled Worker visa, which means that you need to follow the same process as overseas workers. 
If I overstayed in the UK, can I join the momentum club? Yes, you can join our Momentum Club. At IANS, we provide both legal and immigration support.  
If I don’t have healthcare background, how long should I do my placement? If you have gaps in your nursing career or you don’t have a healthcare background, you need to complete your work placement for a minimum of 6 months.  
Can my family come with me? Yes, they can join you by applying as your dependents. We can lodge your visa application together with your dependents so you can all get the same decision at the same time and fly to the UK together. 
Is getting a COS equivalent to getting a Skilled Worker Visa? No. After receiving a COS, you need to apply for a Skilled Worker Visa. Your visa request can be denied if, for instance, there is erroneous information in your data, or you did not meet the minimum skill level requirement. The good news: you can always re-apply your work visa. Our team can help you lodge your application with ease.
Does IANS accept overseas applicants? Yes. We welcome every applicant with open arms!
What is a COS? A COS, also called a Certificate of Sponsorship, is a UK work visa application requirement. It is released by Home-Office approved UK employers, otherwise known as “UK sponsors”. 
Will I get a COS after paying for the webinar? Joining our webinar is not equivalent to securing a COS. However, through our webinar, you can get a clear guidance and support on how you can upgrade your qualifications, prepare for your interview, get connected to sponsors, and eventually get a sponsorship in the UK.
How much do skilled workers in the UK usually earn? The annual salary of skilled workers is job specific. Under the Skilled Worker visa, the minimum annual salary requirement is £25,600/year. The UK government also set a minimum salary requirement per occupation type.
If I’m a UK Skilled Worker Visa holder, what can I expect in terms of salary progression? The changes in the annual salary of skilled workers depends on two factors: 1) occupation type and 2) number of years of experience. While salaries are not the same for every skilled worker, here's a general idea on what you can expect in terms of salary progression based on your years of work experience:  


  • 1 – 5 years: £25,600/year 
  • 5 – 10 years: £30,000/year 
  • 10 – 15 years: £40,000/year 
Is there a minimum contract length?

No, you can hire a senior carer for as short or as long a period as you require. The length of service is decided between yourself and the carer and clearly stated on the service agreement that you draw up together. A notice period of 48 hours is required from both parties if you wish to cancel the agreement. 

There is a minimum shift length of one hour per 24 hours, which may be divided into half-hour shifts with the carer's consent. 

Is there a minimum shift length?

Yes, the minimum shift length is one hour per 24 hours, which may be divided into half-hour shifts with the carer's consent. 

We believe that short 15-minute visits do not give the carer enough time to properly care for the client. Our minimum shift length ensures a better standard of care and a more meaningful relationship between the carer and person needing care. 

How many years do I need to work in the UK to apply for a Permanent Residency (PR)? You are eligible to apply for a PR, also called Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), if you have been working in the UK for a minimum of 5 years. A PR allows you to work or reside in the UK without work or time restrictions.  
What is a dbs check?

A DBS, Disclosure and Barring Service check (previously known as CRB) is a record of any warnings or convictions a person may have acquired. A PVG, Protecting Vulnerable Groups check is the Scottish version of DBS and similarly, the check in Northern Ireland is called an Access NI. 

We require a clean DBS certificate (except for a few minor exceptions), dated within the past 3 years. We also encourage carers to join the Update Service, whereby their check is continually updated. Live-in carers must have an enhanced DBS check. 

Why am I required to pay for the webinar? Our webinar is structured to provide valuable insights on UK immigration laws and processes that you cannot get anywhere else. Our goal is to create a supportive environment for everyone who’d like to begin their journey to the UK, and this all starts with our paid webinar. Aside from training and visa guidance, attending our webinar makes you eligible to IANS Advantage.