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We know international recruitment, inside & out. 

In 2010, somewhere along London’s cobblestone streets, a vision to make life-changing connections inspired the beginning of Immigration and Nationality Services (IANS). Our story is a story of hope, dreams, and opportunities. Our story is YOUR story and the thousands of those who have trusted our services and who have changed their lives, not just for the better, but for the BEST.  

So, what do we do? At IANS, we believe in creating meaningful connections that bridge the gap between employers and international skilled workers. From providing solicitor advice to building all-in-one global recruitment services, IANS has created a unique and powerful platform that can deploy senior carers, registered nurses, and skilled workers who are qualified, employable, and UK-ready in just 4-8 weeks... a platform where UK sponsors and skilled workers meet... a platform where you get access to people, time, and resources.   

Looking forward, we believe that our results-driven training, recruitment, and immigration solutions will fully transform the recruitment landscape. 

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Our passion to help people is the DNA of our company.

Reimagining the future of international recruitment, Immigration and Nationality Services (IANS) is rooted in its mission to help and connect people through efficient and accessible services. Our journey began in 2010 as an immigration service provider for migrants who want to work and remain in the UK. From completing piles of paperwork back in our first office in Southgate, London N14, we expanded our horizon by providing legal assistance to care providers who want to obtain sponsor licences.  

Our journey did not end there. Championing our beliefs and values, IANS marched forward to a bigger goal – to shorten international recruitment by providing a holistic approach to recruitment and immigration. In 2014 and 2015, we opened a recruitment and training service, respectively. This allowed us to prepare overseas nurses for their assessment exams, and to shorten the recruitment timeline to an impressive 6 weeks. In a short time, our own Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) training achieved a 100% pass rate. 

Then came 2020, when the pandemic has paralysed business operations across the globe. Rather than getting fixated on the problem, we used these dark months as opportunity to develop connectIANS©, a private online community where employers and jobseekers can connect and self-manage work visas involved in offering and taking employments in the comfort of their bubbles without relying fully to external services. 

Through our unwavering commitment to bridge the workforce gaps in the UK and create new opportunities for migrants and care providers, IANS has grown into what it is now--a results-driven global company that has extended its reach to the UAE, Sri Lanka, India, Canada and the Philippines.  

For some, this is the perfect end to a long journey. But for us here at IANS, this is just the beginning. As long as there are people who need our help, we will remain steadfast in providing accessible, all-in-one services designed to bring a new era to international recruitment.


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